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The abbreviations in the "category" column are: A=anglicization Tr=translation of a foreign name, L=primarily a last name, P=place name, S=Scots name, T=traditional native Gaelic name


Name category pronunciation meaning other forms & related names
Adaidh (m) Tr AH tee dim. of Adhamh Adam (dim)
Adhamh (m) Tr AW guv from Hebrew Adam, meaning, perhaps, "red earth" Adam
Adie (m) L, A Ay dee As a first name, it is a dim. of Adam. As a last name, it may stem from the name Adam as well. Adam
Afton P AF ton This name of this Scottish river was immortalized in Burns' poem "Flow Gently Sweet Afton." The river name may come from a word meaning "river."  
Aifric (f) A AH frik this is the Gaelic form of Africa, a name recorded on the Isle of Man in the 12th century. It may stem from words meaning "pleasant" or "noble." Africa, Affrica
Aigidh (f) Tr AH kee dim. Of Aigneas Aggie
Aigneas (f) Tr AG nes from Latin Agnes,  "holy" Agnes
Aiken L AY ken a surname coming from the hebrew name Adam. Aikens, Macadam
Ailde (m) T AL ja, EL ja a name from mythology with obscure origins -
Ailean (m) T A lun, E lun an old name with Celtic roots meaning perhaps "rock", "noble," or "harmony." However, it could also represent a form of the name Aillil, meaning either "sprite; elf." "beauty" or "rocky place." Alan, Allan
Aileas (f) Tr AH lus; EH lus from Old German Adalheidis, meaning "noble." The English form is Alice. Alice
Aileen (f) S/A ay LEEN anglicization of Eibhilin Evelyn, Avelina
Aili; Ailig; Ailigean (m) Tr AL lee; AL ik; AL ik an dims. of Alasdair Alex; Alec
Ailie (f) S/A AY lee ang. of Eilidh, which is a pet form of Eibhilin. Eibhilin is a form of the Germanic name Avelina, which we now know as Evelyn. However, due to association, Ailie/Eilidh has come to be regarded as the Gaelic form of Helen. Eilidh, Helen, Avelina, Evelyn
Ailpein (m) T AL pen, EL pen this name has consistently been used in Scotland from the earliest times to the present. It is perhaps derived from a pictish word meaning "white." Alpin, Alpine
Ailsa (f) S/A AYL sa This is the name of a Scottish island, Ailsa Craig, whose name is derived from the Norse meaning "Alfsigr's island"  
Aimili (f) Tr AM ih lee Latin, from the clan name Aemilius Emelia, Emily
Aingealag (f) Tr an GEH lak Latin, angelic Angelica
Ainsley L AINZ lee probably from an English place name, meaning possibly "one wood"  
Airril (m) T AR ril, ER ril a name from mythology with abscure origins -
Alan (m) S/A Anglicization of Aileann (see) Aillil, Allan, Ailean
Alasdair (m) Tr AL us ter Gaelic form of Alexander, stemming from Greek, meaning "defender of mankind" Alexander
Alastair, Allister, Alistair (m) S/A AL is ter Anglicizations of Alasdair Alasdair, Alexander
Alban (m) S/A AHL bin rock/white the Gaelic name for Scotland
Alison (f) S/A AL is sun dim. of Alice Allsun
Allasan (f) Tr AHL uh sun dim. Of Aileas Allie
Alpin (m) S/A AL pin this name has consistently been used in Scotland from the earliest times to the present. It is perhaps derived from a pictish word meaning "white." Ailpein, Alpine
Alva (f) S/P AL va from a place name meaning "rock plain." Its popularity may be because of an association with the Latin name Alma meaning "nourishing"-- popularized after the Crimean war to commemorate the Battle of Alma (1854).
Ambros (m) Tr AM bros Greek, immortal; divine Ambrosius, Ambrose
Amhalghaidh (m) T AUW ul ghee form of the Scandinavian name Olaf, meaning "forefather; ancestor". Aulay
Anabal (f) T, Tr AN a bul from Latin, "amabilis" (loveable) Annabel, Anapul
Andrew (m) S/A ANN drew Although the name Andrew is Greek in origin, St. Andrew is the patron of Scotland. Andrew means "manly" or "warrior." Aindria, Anndra, Andy, Drew, Dandie
Angaidh (m) T AN gee dim. of Aonghas Angy
Angus (m) S/A AING us one choice Aonghus
Anna (f) Tr AH na

Hebrew, "grace"

Annabel (f) S/A ANN a bel lovable? (from Latin amabel) Anapul, Anabal
Annag; Nan; Nannag (f) Tr AH nak; NAN; NAN ak Hebrew, dims. of Anna Annie
Anndra; Aindrea (m) Tr AWN dra; EN dra Greek, "man" Andrew
Andrina S an DREE na feminine form of Andrew, from Greek meaning 'Man" Andrewina
Aodh (m) T OOGH fire- derived from the name of a Celtic sun god. Hugh
Aodhagan (m) T UGH uk an dim. of Aodh -
Aodhan (m) T OOGH an dim. of Aodh Eadan, Aidan
Aoidhean (m) T OOY yan " -
Aonghas (m) T un OO us, IN us unique choice Angus, Aeneas
Aonghasan (m) T un OO us an, IN us an dim. of Aonghas
Arabella (f) S/A air a BEL a this name could mean "yielding to prayer" (from Latin, orabilis). However, it could also be an alteration of Annabel(la) Arabel 
Archibald (m) A AR chi bald This is actually a Germanic name, meaning "genuine and bold", but it has long been used to "translate" the Scottish name Giolla Easpig (Gillespie) Giolla Easpig, Gillespie, Archie, Baldie, Airchie
Arline (f) S/A ar LEEN Arline was coined by Michael W. Balfe for a 1843 opera. The name is probably based on the name of his Hungarian wife, Lina Rosa. however, many people link it to a Gaelic word meaning "pledge." Arlene, Arleen
Armadal (m) T Arm uh dul A name of obscure meaning, popular among the McLeod clan. Armitage
Art (m) T ART possibly a dim. of Artair, or a name on its own derived from the same roots. -
Artagan (m) T ART ug an dim. of Artair -
Artair (m) T AR ter A legendary name of obscure origins. Perhaps derived from a Celtic word meaning either "stone" or  "bear." Artar, Arthur
Athairne (m) T A ar nya A historical name with obscure origins. It was the name of 3 poets in the 15th-17th centuries. Hercules
Athol (m) A ATH ol from a place name meaning "new Ireland."  ath Fodhla, Atholl
Aulay (m) S/A AW lee From the Norse name Olaf, meaning "forefather; ancestor."  Olaf