Scottish Name Lists

Traditional Gaelic Names:
Names in Gaelic that have been used throughout the centuries.
    Gaelic Women's Names
    Gaelic Men's Names
Surnames Used as First Names:
Using surnames as first names has been a Scottish custom for centuries. Most have been traditionally used for men, but today names like Mackenzie and Cameron are being used for girls as well!
Scots Names:
Scottish Names that aren't necessarily Gaelic, but have Scottish roots.
    Scots Women's Names
    Scots Men's Names
Scottish Place Names Used as First Names:
Place names in Scotland that would make good first names (or already are in use as such)
What's your Name in Scottish?
Translations of foreign names into Gaelic.
    Translations of Women's Names
    Translations of Men's Names
All Names Together:
All the different categories of names alphabetized together. For general browsing, start here.