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Genealogy in General

  • Is a great all-encompassing site to help you track down your ancestors.
  • Social Security Death Index This is an interactive feature that lets you search a database of resident aliens and US citizens.
  • Surname Web Lets you look up your ancestors by last name.
  • hosts family trees-- you can make your own and then see if it connects to anyone else's.
  • This site has a lot of stuff that you have to pay for. However, they have a good list of links to other sites. If you are a real die-hard and don't mind forking over the cash for services, this is probably one of the best sites at which to do it.
  • Death Records - Find death records for lost loved ones, cemetery information, obituaries and more all online.

First Names in general:

  • Behind the Name has a very good database of names, with origins and meanings. Many true name connoisseurs hang out on their bulletin board as well.
  • The BabyZone This is a good source for ideas for names. They also have the best list of the most popular names in the USA for 1998.
  • is another good resource for baby names on the Web. They have the best baby names bulletin board around as well.
  • Unusual, Unique and Creative Names Here is out other baby--a site devoted to finding the perfect unusual name. It gives names lists, tips on unusual spellings and other modern naming trends. It also has some fun interactive features!
  • The Baby Place This site has a number of links to baby names pages, as well as a ton of links to other baby related sites.

Celtic Stuff in General

Celtic Art