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English has been spoken in Scotland for several centuries now. Because of this, it has become Scots, the form spoken in Scotland. As a result, many new names have been coined, not in Gaelic, but in English, but by Scots speakers.

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Name origin meaning notes/other forms
Alan Gaelic spirit, elf Aillil. Possibly also from a Breton name meaning "rock."
Alastair Greek defender of mankind Alasdair, Alexander
Alban Gaelic/Latin rock/white the Gaelic name for Scotland
Alpin Gaelic/Latin white this name has consistently been used in Scotland from the earliest times to the present
Andrew Greek manly St. Andrew is the patron of Scotland
Angus Gaelic one choice Aonghus
Aulay Norse family descendant Olaf
Blane Gaelic yellow Blan
Boyd Gaelic blonde originally a nickname for a fair haired man. Also a surname
Calum Latin dove Columba
Clyde mainly US- the river that runs through Glasgow
Coll Gaelic high anglicization Of Colla
Derek Norse ruler of the race Dirk, Theodoric
Donald Gaelic world-mighty Domhnall
Donnan Gaelic brown a Scottish saint's name
Dougal Gaelic dark stanger dubh gall
Douglas Gaelic black stream Dubh glas. Also a surname.
Duff Gaelic black used as a nickname for a dark haired person. Also from the Scottish surname
Duncan Gaelic brown warrior Donnchadh
Ewan Gaelic born of the yew Eoghan
Farquar Gaelic very dear one Fearchar
Fingal Gaelic white stranger Fionnghall
Finlay Gaelic white warrior Fionnlaoch
Gavin Welsh ? also found as Gawain
Gillian Gaelic/Hebrew servant of St. John Giolla Iain
Gillis Gaelic/Hebrew servant of Jesus this name is popular in the Hebrides
Gordon English? Great hill fort? from a place name
Greer Greek watchful form of Gregory
Hamish Hebrew the supplanter? form of James, via Gaelic Sheamais
Ian Hebrew God is gracious John
Ivar Norse yew army Iomharr
Kenneth Celtic/Pictish? fair one? Kenneth
Kentigern Gaelic head lord St. Kentigern is the patron of Glasgow
Kirk Norse church from the word for church used in many Scottish place names
Kyle Gaelic narrow
Lachlan Gaelic a Viking
Lorne ? ? Scottish place name
Malcolm Gaelic/Latin devotee of St. Columba Mael Caluim
Mirren Gaelic ? Meadhran- the patron saint of football
Mungo Gaelic my wolf the medieval nickname for St. Kentigern
Neil Gaelic champion Niall, Neal
Nevin Gaelic saint Naomhain
Ranald Norse counsel rule Raghnall, Ronald
Rory Gaelic red king Ruaidhri
Ross Gaelic promontory used as a fn in Scotland since the 12th century
Sholto Gaelic propagator sioltaich
Somerled Norse summer wanderer Somhairle, Sorley
Tavish Hebrew beloved David
Torquil Norse Thor's kettle/helmet Torcall, Thorkettil
Wallace Old French foreigner Uallis, sometimes used in memory of Scottish patriot William Wallace


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