Scottish Translations of Foreign Names


This page is for names that have been taken from other sources (Bible, English names, Norse names etc.) and adopted into the Gaelic name pool. You may find a translation of your name on this page! 

Note: not every name can be translated into Gaelic. Most of the names that are translatable are either biblical, the names of saints, or names of English and Norman settlers that became adopted into the naming pool. Modern names (i.e., names that came into common English use in the past couple of centuries, like Melissa, Tanya, and Jason) generally cannot be translated.

We have them divided by Women's Names and Men's Names.

Women's Names

Name Gaelic Form Pronunciation Origin Meaning See Also/other forms
Aggie Aigidh AH kee dim. Of Aigneas dim. of Agnes, "holy"
Agnes Aigneas AG nes Greek "holy" Aggie
Alice Aileas AH lus; EH lus Old German "noble" Alice
Allie, Alison Allasan AHL uh sun dim. Of Aileas dim. of Alice
Amelia Aimili AM ih lee Latin from the clan name Aemilius
Angelica Aingealag an GEH lak Latin angelic
Anne Anna AH na Hebrew grace Annie
Annie Annag; Nan; Nannag AH nak; NAN; NAN ak Hebrew dims of Anna Anna
Barbara Barabal BAR uh bal Greek "stranger" Barb
Barb; Barbie Babag; Babaidh BOB ik; BOB ee   dims. Of Barabal Barbara
Beatrice Beitris BEE tu rish Latin "voyager"
Bessie, Betsy Beasag; Eilispidh BES ik; AY lus pee Hebrew dims. Of Ealasaid Elizabeth; Isabelle
Catherine Caitržona ka TCHREE un na Greek trad. Associated with Ďpureí Kate
Christina Cairistžona car rus TCHEE na Latin follower of Christ Chrissie; Kirsten
Chrissie; Christie Caitržonag; Criosaidh cot CHREE un nak; CRI see Latin dims of Cairistžona Christina;Kirsten
Clara Sorcha SOR uh kha Gaelic light (Clara means "bright; famous" in Latin)
Clementine Climidh KLIM ee Latin mild; merciful
Eleanor Eilionoir EL ee nur Greek, via Latin light form of Helen, Ellen
Elizabeth Ealasaid YAH luh sutch; EL uh sutch Hebrew "God is my oath" Bessie
Ellen Eilidh AY lee Greek light form of Helen, Eleanor
Emily; Emilia Eamag EM ak Latin from the family name Aemilius Amelia
Euphemia Eapag EP ik Greek Well-spoken Effie, Eppie
Eve/Eva Eubh/Eubha AYV/AYV a Hebrew life
Evelyn Eibhlin EYE leen; EV a leen Germanic possibly means "derired" Nellie
Helen Eilidh AY lee Greek possibly, "torch" Ellen, Eleanor
Flora FlÚraidh FLO ree Latin flower Florrie
Florence Floireans FLO runs Latin flourishing
Florrie FlÚrag FLO ruk   dim. Of FlÚraidh Flora
Frances Frangag FRAN kuk Latin from France
Franny Frannsaidh; Fransag FRAN see; FRAN sak Latin dims. Of Frangag Frances
Georgia SeÚrsag SHOR sak Greek farmer
Georgie SeÚrdag SHOR dak Greek dim. of SeÚrsag Georgia
Grace Giorsal GIR sul English, from Latin gratia Grace
Griselda Griseal GREE shul Germanic grey battle
Isabelle Iseabail; Isbeal; Iosbail ISH uh bel; ISH bul; EES uh bel Latin via French form of Elizabeth Elizabeth
Izzy Ibeag EE pak Latin dim. of Iseabail Isabelle/Elizabeth
Jane; Joan Sžne SHEE na Hebrew God is gracious Janet; Janie; Jinty
Janie Sžneag SHEEN ak Hebrew dim. of Sžne Jane; Janet; Jinty
Janet SeÚnaid SHAW nutch Hebrew God is gracious Jane; Janie; Jinty
Jinty, Jessie Seonag; Seasag; Seasaidh;Teasaidh SHO nak; SHES ak; SHES ee;TSCHES ee Hebrew dim. of SeÚnaid Jane; Janet; Janie
Judith Siubhan SHEE van; SHU van Hebrew "woman from Judea" This isn't technically a form of Judith, Judith has been traditionally used to "translate" the Gaelic name Suibhan, which is a form of Joan."
Kate Catržonag; Ceit; Ceitag; Ržona kat CHREE uh nak; KAITCH;KAE tchak;REE uh na Greek dims. of Caitržona Catherine
Kirsten Ciorstan KIRS tin Latin via Scandinavia dim of Cairistžona influenced by Danish Kirsten Christina; Chrissie; Kirsty
Kirsty Ciorstaidh KIRS tee Latin dim. of Ciorstan
Leticia Leitis LEH tish Latin gladness
Lillian Lileas LEE lus Latin Lily flower
Lily Lilidh LI lee Latin? this could also be a dim. of Ealasaid (Elizabeth)
Lizzie Lžosag; Lžosaidh; Lžsidh LEE sak; LEE see; LEE zee Hebrew dims. of Ealasaid influenced by Lizzie Elizabeth
Lucy Liýsaidh LOO see Latin light
Marcella MarsailŪ MAR sa lee Latin derived from Roman god of war
Marcy Marsail; Maighsi MAR sel; MY zee Latin dims. of Marsailž Marcella
Margaret Mairead; Mairearad MY rut; MEH rut; MY ru rut Greek Pearl Peggy; Maggie; Meg
Maggie Magaidh;MAG ee Greek Dim. of Mairead Margaret; Peggy; Meg
Meg Meig MEK Greek Dim. of Mairead Maggie; Margaret; Peg
Martha Marta MAR ta Aramaic Noble
Mary Mŗiri MAH ree Hebrew meaning is disputed, possibly "rebellion" or "bitterness" Molly
Mildred Milread MIL rut Old English mild power
Molly Mŗili; Mŗileag; Mŗireag MAH lee; MAHL ik; MAR ak Hebrew dims. of Mŗiri Mary
Nellie Neillidh NAIL ee Germanic dim of Eibhlin Evelyn
Peg; Peggy Peig; Peigi PAEK; PEG ee Greek dims. of Mairead Margaret
Rose RÚs ROS Gaelic the rose flower
Sarah Sŗra SAR a Hebrew princess
Thomasina TÚmag TO mak Greek twin-feminine form of Thomas
Williamina Uilleag WIL lak German will-helmet, feminine form of William
  Men's Names