Names by meaning



Animals the Land, Geographic Characteristics Religion, saints
Art, poetry, music Nobility, leadership the sea, ocean, water
Beauty People and their tasks Sun, radiance, fire
Colors Personality traits warriors, courage
Fairies, elves, supernatural beings Physical characteristics  
Ireland, and places in Ireland Flowers, trees, nature Miscellaneous things

Strength, Victory

Note: many names featuring the root words for "hound" or "wolf" signify warriors and warrior traits.



Other Forms


Áinle (m) AN l'yeh Áindle, Ánle hero, champion, warrior
BEG lee Ó Beaglaioch little hero
Brenna (f)
BREN na Brenda A modern name derived from Brenda. Brenda is a Scottish form of an old Norse name meaning "sword."
Callan CAL lan - dim. of Cathal, meaning "strong in battle"
Callinan CAL I nin Ó Callanáin dim. of Cathal, meaning "strong in battle"
Casey CAY see O/Mac Cathasach/Ceasaigh vigilant in war
Cathaír (m) KA heer Cahir, Cathaoir battle lord?
Clancy CLAN see Mac Fhlannchaidh red warrior?
Coilín (m)
CUL in Nicholas, Colin from the Norman pet form of Nicholas (Greek)- victory of the people
Conall (m) KUN al Connell, Conal strong as a wolf
Conán (m) KUN awn conan hound or wolf
Conlan CON lan Connealán, Caoindealbhan can be either "strong as a wolf", or "fair; comely shape."
Connell (m) CON nel Conall strong as a wolf
Conrí (m) CUN ree - wolf king
Cúmhaí (m) koo VEE, koo EE Hughey, Quinton hound of the plain
Domhnall (m) DUN nal Donal, Dónal, Daniel world mighty
Donal (m) DOE nal, DUN nal Domhnall, Daniel world mighty
Fagan FAY gin Ó Faodhagáin possibly, "Raven" or "battle"
Faolán (m) FWAY lawn Fillan, Fáelán wolf
Fearghal (m) FER ul Farrell, Fergal, Ferdinand manly or valorous
Fearghus (m) FER a ghus Fergus, Festus strength of a man
Fechín (m) FEH kheen Fechin, Fechíne raven or battle
Fergal (m) FER gal Fearghal manly, valorous
Fergus (m) FER gus Fearghus the strength of a man
Fiachra (m) FEE a khra Fiacre battle-king
Fionghuine (m) F'YUN in yeh Finguine kin-slayer
Gaibrial (m) GA bryal Gabriel from Herbrew- conquerer
Gearalt (m) GAR ult Gerald from Germanic- rules with a spear
Gearóid (m) GAR o id Gerard from German- brave with a spear
Gus (m) GUS Guss force, vigor, fierceness
Kearney KUR nee Ó Catharnaigh/Ó cearnaigh fox/victorious
Mairtín (m) MAR shteen Martin from Latin, "war like"
Mánus (m) MAW nis Magnus, Manus from Latin Magnus- great
Maolán (m) MALE awn Mullen warrior
Marcas MAR cas Marcus, Mairsial from Latin Marcus/Mark- of the God Mars
Mochta (m) MUCH ta - great
Móirne (f) MORN yeh Maud, Maria great
Murchú (m) MUR choo Murphy hound of the sea
Murphy MUR fee Ó Murchu hound of the sea
Neamhain (f) NYAV in Nemon battle-fury; warlike frenzy: name of a Celtic war goddess
Nioclás (m) NEE uh clawss Nicol, Nicolás from of Nicholas (Greek: peoples' victory)
Olcán (m) UL cawn - wolf
Onchú (m) UN choo - fierce hound
Tracy TRAY see Ó Treasaigh war like
Treasa (f) TRA sa Tressa, Trása, Teresa strength
Treasach (m) TRAS ach Tressach warlike; fierce
Tressa (f) TRE sa Treasa strength
Uinsean (m) In shin Vincent from Latin Vincent-conquering