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We also have pages for Welsh Links and Scottish Links.

Other Irish Name/Genealogy Sites

  • Baby Names of Ireland: This site features author Frank McCourt pronouncing each of the names listed!
  • Your Irish Roots This site features a brief history of Ireland, as well as resources for researching ancestors.
  • Suite 101 This is another good site for Irish genealogy. this site includes not only information and databases on Irish families, but it also features interesting and helpful articles about tracing your ancestors. Be sure to check out Is Koen an Irish Name? . This article does a really good job of explaining the intricacies of Irish name anglicizations.
  • is a good resource for finding out about your ancestors and other topics of historical interest. They also have personalized items you can buy online as well as a bulletin board.
  • The On-Line Irish Names Research Directory is a good place to research the meaning of your surname, and help you trace your ancestors.
  • The Fianna RootsWeb Has information about the name and history of the many different Irish families. They also have a page of links for finding information about Irish surnames and clans.
  • Irish Clans and Names is a good forum for finding meanings and origins of your Irish surname.
  • The Doyle and McDowell Page This is an invaluable resource for anyone with the last name Doyle or McDowell. Even if you weren't blessed with the surname Doyle, you'll find their Irish links page very useful for Irish stuff in general, and their Irish Clan Links Page useful for genealogical resources.  

Miscellaneous Irish Stuff

  • Send someone the Perfect Irish Gift.
  • St. Patrick's Day e-cards: Send your friends and family a leprechaun or two.
  • A Bit O' Blarney This site has all sorts of Irish gift ideas, ranging from jewelry to rosary beads to toys. They also have some free things to download as well as a number of links to different Irish pages. There are also a number of resources for Irish dancing and a mailing list you can join!
  • Focal an Lae ("word of the Day") This site offers articles on the Irish language that are fun as well as interesting. Perfect for all of you who write to me asking how to say "Happy St. Patrick's Day" in Irish! Includes the Word of the Day in Irish--a relatively painless way to build up your Irish vocabulary.
  • The Irish Times is one of Ireland's top newspapers. This site features the daily paper as well as archives from he past year. There is also links to a lot of other stuff, plus a live view of Dublin.
  • has general information about Ireland. This site includes some genealogy links as well.
  • Catholic Online has a list of saints and angels which is searchable by saint's name, feast day, etc. There is also a page devoted to the major Irish saints. This list includes saints' associated places, and feast days.

Genealogy in General

  • Is a great all-encompassing site to help you track down your ancestors.
  • Social Security Death Index This is an interactive feature that lets you search a database of resident aliens and US citizens.
  • Surname Web Lets you look up your ancestors by last name.
  • hosts family trees-- you can make your own and then see if it connects to anyone else's.
  • This site has a lot of stuff that you have to pay for. However, they have a good list of links to other sites. If you are a real die-hard and don't mind forking over the cash for services, this is probably one of the best sites at which to do it.
  • Death Records - Find death records for lost loved ones, cemetery information, obituaries and more all online.

First Names in general:

  • Behind the Name has a very good database of names, with origins and meanings. Many true name connoisseurs hang out on their bulletin board as well.
  • The BabyZone This is a good source for ideas for names. They also have the best list of the most popular names in the USA for 1998.
  • is another good resource for baby names on the Web. They have the best baby names bulletin board around as well.
  • Unusual, Unique and Creative Names Here is out other baby--a site devoted to finding the perfect unusual name. It gives names lists, tips on unusual spellings and other modern naming trends. It also has some fun interactive features!
  • The Baby Place This site has a number of links to baby names pages, as well as a ton of links to other baby related sites.

Celtic Stuff

Celtic Art