Names by meaning



Animals the Land, Geographic Characteristics Religion, saints
Art, poetry, music Nobility, leadership the sea, ocean, water
Beauty People and their tasks Sun, radiance, fire
Colors Personality traits warriors, courage
Fairies, elves, supernatural beings Physical characteristics  
Ireland, and places in Ireland Plants, flowers, trees Miscellaneous things

Royalty, Nobility and Leadership



Other Forms*


Ailish (f) AH leesh Ailís, Alice from old German- noble
Breda (f) BREE da Bríde, Bríghde exalted one; high goddess; noble
Bree (f) BREE Brígh, Brie high, noble. Also used as a pet form of Brianna, Brenda etc.
Brendan (m) BREN dan Breandán, Breannáin from Welsh- "prince"
Brian (m) BRY in Bryan, Brion high; noble
Brianna (f) bree ON a, bree ANN a Briana, Breonna, Brianne etc. high, noble: modern American feminine of Brian
Bridget, Brigid (f) BRIJ it Bríd, Bríde exalted one; high goddess; noble. Brigid is the original Irish spelling; Bridget is actually a later, Swedish form.
Brighid, Bríd (f) BREED Brigid, Breda, Bríde, Bríd high goddess; exalted one; noble
Brion, Brían (m) BREE un Brian, Barney, Barnaby, Bernard noble or high
Conleth (m) CON leth Connlaodh chief lord
Conn (m) KUN, KOWN, KON Constantine wisdom; chief
Cuana (m)
KOO uh na - either "young hound" or "pleasant; distinguished"
Damhnaic DAV nic, DOW nic Dominic, Damhlaic, Doiminic lord (Latin)
Donnchadh (m) DUN a kha Donagh, Donnacha, Donncha, Dennis, Dionysus brown lord
Dunfhlaith (f) DUN a la Dunla, Donnfhlaith, Dunflaith brown princess
Fallon FAL lin Ó Fallamhan leader
Fiachra (m) FEE a khra Fiacre battle-king
Gormlaith (f) GUR um la Gormley Barbara, Barbary blue or illustrious princess
Gormley (f) GORM lee Gormfhlaith blue or illustrious princess
Jarlath (m) JAR lath Iarfhlaith possibly "tributary lord" or "western kingdom"
Malinn, Milynn muh LIN Ó Maoilfhinn descendant of the fair chief
Moibhí (m) MUV ee Mo Bí pet from of Berchán and Breanainn
Muireadhach (m) MWIR akh Murray, Murdough, Muiríoch lord, master
Murray MUR ree Ó Muireadhach seaman or master
Nárbhflaith (f) NAR vila Narvla, Narbflaith noble princess
Narvla (f) NAR vuh la Nárbhfhlaith noble princess
Orla (f) OR la Órfhlaith, Órlaith golden princess
Órlaith (f) OR la Orla, Órla, Orfhlaith golden princess
Pádraig (m) PAW drig, PO ric, PAW drik Pádraic, Patrick from Latin- nobleman
Pádraigín (usually f) PAW drag een, POR ick een Patricia from Latin- nobleman
Páidín (m) PAW deen Paudeen little Pádraig
Patrick (m) PAT rick Pádraig, Pádraic from Latin- nobleman
Regan REE gin Ó Riagáin, Reagan either king or furious
Ríoghán (m) REE awn Ryan, Rian, Rígán little king
Ríona (f) REE uh na Ríonach, Regina queenly
Risteárd (m) RIS chiard Richard from Old German- strong ruler
Ruaidhrí (m) RU a ree Rory, Ruairí, Ruaidrí, Roderick, Roger red king
Ruarc (m) ROO ark Rourke hero; champion
Ryan RY in Ó Riáin king
Saorla (f) SAYR la - noble queen
Sárán (m) SAWR awn - chief, noble; best
Sárnait (f) SAWR nit Sárnat chief, noble; best
Tierney (m) TEER nee Tiarnach lord
Tighearnach (m) TEER nakh Tierney, Tiarnach lord
Tighearnán (m) TEER nawn lord- Tiernan, Tiarnán lord
Tíreachán (m) TEER ach awn Tírechán having land; wide-ruling
Tuathal (m) TOO uh hul Toal, Tully ruler of the people
Tuathla (f) TOO uh la Tuathflaith princess of the people
Tuilelaith (f) TIL yeh la Tailefhlaith, Tallula, Twilleliah lady of abundance; "abundance of sovereignty"
Uasal (f) OO a sal - noble

* names in italics represents names that have no etymological connection to the Irish name, but were used as English "translations" based upon the fact that they have similar sounds or meanings.