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Animals the Land, Geographic Characteristics Religion, saints
Art, poetry, music Nobility, leadership the sea, ocean, water
Beauty People and their tasks Sun, radiance, fire
Colors Personality traits warriors, courage
Fairies, elves, supernatural beings Physical characteristics  
Ireland, and places in Ireland Plants, flowers, trees Miscellaneous things

Religious Names

Most of these names have been borrowed from the Bible, or other languages. Of the native Irish names, many are names of saints, or mean 'servant' or 'devotee' of a particular saint. In early Irish Christian times, saints' names were considered too sacred for regular people to have, so they tacked on a "mael" or a "giolla" meaning "servant" or "devotee" of in front of the saint's name.

Name Pronunciation Other Forms meaning
Eilís (f) AY leesh Eilish, Elizabeth from Hebrew Elizabeth- "God is my oath"
Eilish (f) AY leesh, AY lish Eilís from Hebrew- Elizabeth, "God is my oath'
Eóin (m) OH'n John from Hebrew John- God has been gracious
Giolla Chríst GYIL la KHREESHT Christian servant of Christ
Kavanagh KAV a na Caomhanach descendant or follower of St. Caomhan
Mael Íosa (m) mal EE sa Maelisa, Melissa servant of Jesus
Máeleachlainn (m) mal LACH lan Malachy devotee of St. Sechnall
Máire (f) MOI reh, MOI a Mary, Moya, Moira from Hebrew Mary- bitterness?
Máirín (f) MOI reen Mary, Maureen from Hebrew Mary- bitterness?
Maitiu (m) MAH tyew Matthew, Matthias From Hebrew- "Gift of God"
Malachy (m) MAL a kee Maeleachlainn devotee of St. Sechnall
Mallaidh (f) MAH lee Molly dim. of Mary- Hebrew, trad. associated with "bitterness."
Malone mal OAN mal Eoin servant of St. John
Maol Mhuire (m & f) mail VIR eh Murray, Miles, Milo, Meyler devotee of St. Mary
Maura (f) MAW ra, MORE a Máire Hebrew, trad. associated with "bitterness."
Maureen (f) mawr EEN, more EEN Mairín Hebrew, trad. associated with "bitterness." pet form of Máire
Moira (f) MOY ra Máire Hebrew, trad. associated with "bitterness."
Molly (f) MOL ee Mallaidh, Maille Hebrew, trad. associated with "bitterness." pet form of Mary
Naomh (f) NAV, NEV - saint
Naomhán (m) NEV awn Nevan dim. of Naomh ("saint")
Nevan (m) NEV an Naomhán saint
Nollaig (m/f) NUL ig Noel Christmas
Orthanach (m) UR han ach - potent in prayers or charms
Parthalán (m) PAR ha lawn Bartholomew, Bartley from Hebrew, "son of Talmai"
Séamus (m) SHAI mus Séamas, James from Hebrew- supplanter
Seán (m) SHAWN John, Shaun, Shawn from Hebrew- God is gracious
Seofraid, Siothrún (m) SHU fred, SHUH hroon Geoffrey from English-peaceful God?
Seosamh (m) SHO sav Joseph from Hebrew- God will increase
Seosamhín (f) SHO sav een Josephine from Hebrew- God will increase
Shaina (f) SHAI na Shayna from Hebrew- God is gracious
Shane (m, sometimes f) SHAIN Seán from Hebrew- God is gracious
Shaun, Shawn (m, sometimes f) SHAWN Seán from Hebrew God is good
Shawna (f) SHAW na Shauna from Hebrew- God is gracious
Sibéal (f) shi BAIL Elizabeth, Isabel from Hebrew- God is my oath
Síne (f) SHEE na Sheena Fem. of John, via French Jeanne, it is the Irish cognate of Jane.
Sinéad (f) sha NADE - Fem. of John via French Jeannette. It is the Irish cognate of Janet
Siobhán (f) shi VAWN Shivaun, Susannah, Hannah, Susan, Judith, Judy. in USA: Chavonne, ShaVaughn etc. Fem. of John via French Jehanne. It is the Irish cognate of Joan.
Stiofán (m) SHTEE fawn Stiamhna, Stiana, Stephen, Steven form of Stephen (Greek- "crown")
Téodóir (m) TAI uh dor Theodore from Greek- God's gift
Toiréasa (f) tur AI sa Teresa from Greek- harvest?