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Animals the Land, Geographic Characteristics Religion, saints
Art, poetry, music Nobility, leadership the sea, ocean, water
Beauty People and their tasks Sun, radiance, fire
Colors Personality traits warriors, courage
Fairies, elves, supernatural beings Physical characteristics  
Ireland, and places in Ireland Plants, flowers, trees Miscellaneous things

Shining, Radiant, Fire, Sun

In pre-Christian Ireland, many of the deities within the Celtic pantheon were sun-related. Thus, characteristics of fire, light and radiance were equated with godlike and beautiful qualities.



Other Forms*


Aeveen (f) AI veen Aoibhfhinn, Aoibhinn, Eavan beautiful radiance
Aidan (m) AID awn Aodán, Aodhan fire + diminutive ending
Aodh (m) AI, EE Aed fire - the name of a sun god
Aodhán (m) AI awn Aodán, Aidan fire + diminutive ending
Aodnait (f) EE nat Enat, Eny, Ena fire + feminine ending
Aoibheann (f) ee VAN Aoibhinn, Eavan beautiful radiance
Ceara (f) KYAR a, KA ra Cara, Carra fiery red
Conlaodh (m) Kun lee Conley, Conleth, Conláed prudent fire
Daigh (m) DEI Daig flame, fire
Daighre (m) DEI r'yeh Daigre flame, fire
Eavan (f) ee VAN Aoibhinn beautiful radiance
Egan EE gan Mac Aodhagáin, Eagan fire
Éibhleann (f) AVE l'yunn Evlin, Ébliu, Éblenn, Éibhliu beauty, radiance
Evin (f/m) EV in Éimhín, Aoibheann prompt; ready, radiant
Fintan (m) FIN tan Fiontán white ancient, or white fire
Fionntán (m) FYUN tawn Fintan, Fiontan white ancient or white fire
Grian (f) GREE un - sun, sun goddess
Keegan KEE gin Mac Aodhagáin fire
Kelly KEL lee Mac Ceallach bright-headed
Laisrén (m) LAS rain Laisréan, Lazarus flame
Laoise (f) LEE sha Leesha, Louisa radiant girl
Lasair (f) LAS er Lassar flame; fire
Lasairfhiona (f) la sar EE na Lasarina, Lasairíona flame wine
Loinnir (f) LUN neer - brightness, radiance
Lugh (m) LOO Lug light; brightness. A Celtic god name.
Lughaidh (m) LOO ee Lúí, Lewy, Aloysius, Louis light; brightness
Lughna (m) LOO na Lugna derived from Lug, a god name meaning "light; brightness"
Luíseach (f) LWEE shach Luigsech, Lucy radiant girl
Molaisse (m) muh LAHS eh Molaise, Lazarus pet from of Laisrén ("flame; fire")
Niamh (f) NEEV, NEE uv Niav, Niam brightness; radiance
Scoithniamh (f) SKUH nyee uv Scothniam shining; radiant blossom

* names in italics represents names that have no etymological connection to the Irish name, but were used as English "translations" based upon the fact that they have similar sounds or meanings.