Welsh Links


First Names:
  Cymru Babi Enw - Welsh Baby Names
Names at Welshipedia
Welsh Language Board's top 20 Welsh Names
CGIS Names
Welsh Names at Behind The Name
Surnames and Genealogy:
  Data Wales: Welsh Surnames
an article from Genealogy Magazine about Welsh Names
Last Name Meanings: Welsh
About.com's list of Welsh ancestry articles
Folklore and Mythology:
  Nemeton: the Sacred Grove
A Welsh Myth Concordance
Welsh History at BBC Wales
Welsh Customs and Emblems
Welsh Saints:
  Theospohy Cardiff: A Calendar of Welsh Saints
Saints of Post-Roman Britain
Welsh Saints at Welsh Icons.org
Welsh Saints at Wikipedia
Place Names:
  Understanding Place Names in Wales
Ceridigion City Council's Interactive Pronunciation Map
Welsh place names with their English equivalents
BBC's clickable pronunciation map
Pronouncing Welsh Place Names
Bicycle Beano Quick Guide to Pronouncing Welsh Place Names
WHR Place Names and Pronunciation

we also have pages of Irish Links and Scottish Links. Both pages have some links to both name sites in general as well as general genealogy and Celtic stuff.