Traditional Welsh Names: Men


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Name Pronunciation Meaning Other Forms
Adda AH tha Welsh form of Adam. .
Addaon ah THA on a son of Taliesin, known for being "the most eloquent and wisest young man in Britain." Meaning is unknown.  
Adeon ah DAY on possibly, "wing" .
Aedd ITHE "fire"  
Aeddan EYE thon "fire" .
Aelhearn ile HAY arn ael "brow" + haearn "iron" The name of a 7th century saint Elhaern
Aelwyn ILE win "fair-browed" Aylwyn
Aeron EYE ron possibly derived from "berry," or could also be derived from a Celtic war-god whose name means "slaughter" .
Afagddu ah VAG thee "darkness"  
Afallon ah VA llon afallen, "apple tree." The Welsh name of Avalon, the legendary resting place of King Arthur.  
Afan AH van an early saint and cousin of St. David. Also a 7th century poet. Afen
Alan AL an the name of an early saint. Possibly dervied from a Celtic word meaning "rock"  
Alaw AH low (second syll. rhymes with 'how') "melody", a river in Anglesley.  
Alawn AH loun alaw, "melody." an early bard who is said to be one of the three founders of druidism.  
Alban AL bon from Latin meaning "mountain." The name of a 3rd century saint, the first British martyr. .
Aldith AL dith from Old English Ealdgyth, which comes from elements meaning "old" and "battle." Aldwyth
Aldryd AL drid The name of a 9th century king. Meaning is unknown Aldrydd
Alec AL ek form of Alexander .
Aled AL ed from a river name; meaning is unknown Aleid
Alun AH lin possibly a form of Alan. Also the name of a river in Flintshire. Alyn
Alwyn AL win "White rock", a river in Clwyd .
Amaethon ah MY thon "farmer" the name of a Celtic god of agriculture  
Amlodd AM loth According to Irish legend, he was the grandfather of King Arthur .
Anarawd an AH roud either from arawd, "host" or rhawd, "a host" + an, an intensifying prefix. .
Andreas AN dray ahs form of Andrew, from Greek meaning 'man' Andro
Aneirin an AY rin the name of one of the earliest Welsh poets, this name could be derived from either the Latin Honorius or from Welsh words meaning "very golden" Aneurin
Angwyn AN gwin gwyn, "white; blessed; holy" + an, an intensifying prefix.  
Anhun AN hin Welsh form of Latin Antonius. .
Arawn AH roun the king of the underworld in the Mabinogion  
Arial ar EE al, AR yal "vigor; courage" .
Arianwyn ar YAN win arian, "silver" + gwyn, "white; blessed; holy"  
Arnallt AR nahlt form of Arnold .
Arofan ar O van the name of a 7th century poet.  
Aron AH ron form of Hebrew Aaron. Also the name of a saint.  
Arthen AR then "bear", the name of a Celtic river god and also a 9th century king Arthien, Arthian
Arthfael ARTH vile arth, "bear" + mael, "prince" Arthmael
Arthgen ARTH gen arth, "bear" + geni "born of"  
Arthur AR thir possibly "bear," "plough," or from a brythonic word meaning "very black" .
Arwel AR wel "prominent"  
Arwyn AR win gwyn, "white; blessed; holy" + ar, an intensifying prefix. .
Asaff AS ahf the name of a Welsh saint; the meaning is unknown. Asaph
Aurfryn IRE vrin aur, "gold" + bryn, "hill"  
Auryn EYE rin from aur, "gold"  
Awen OW en "muse" .
Awsten OW sten from Latin Augustine, meaning "great; magnificent" .
Baeddan BYE than perhaps means "small-boar." The name of a stream in Wales. .
Baglan BAG lan early saint who is said to have taken his name from a staff with a brass crook (a baglan) given to him by his teacher, St. Illtud.  
Barri BAR ee "mountain; summit; dune" .
Barti BAR tee form of the Hebrew name Bartholemew  
Bedaws BED ows bedw, "birch tree"  
Bedwyn BED win bedw, "birch tree" Bedwin
Bedivere BED ih veer the name of a knight of King Arthur's legendary Round Table. The meaning is unknown. Bedwyr
Bedwyn BED win "birch-tree" .
Bedwyr BED oo-eer the name of a knight of King Arthur's legendary Round Table. derives possibly from bedw, "birch tree" + gwr, "hero" Bedivere
Berddig BER thig the name of an 11th century poet.  
Bergam BER gam the name of a 14th century poet. Meaning is unknown.  
Berwyn BER oo-in bar, "peak" + gwyn, "white; holy". An early Celtic saint. .
Bevan BEV an anglicization of Bifan, which means "son of Ifan" Bifan
Beuno BY no, BUH'EE no a seventh century saint. The meaning is unknown .
Beynon BAY non angilicization of Beinon, "son of Einion" Beinon
Bleddyn BLETH in blaidd "wolf" + diminutive suffix Blethyn, Bleiddyn, Bleiddian
Bledig BLED ig blaidd "wolf" + adjectival suffix  
Bledri BLED ree blaidd "wolf" + rhi, "ruler"  
Blwchfardd BLOOKH varth the name of a 6th century poet. Meaning  
Boreugwyn bor AH'EE gwin bore, "morning" + gwyn, "white; holy"  
Brân BRON "crow; raven" the name of a Celtic god responsible for life and death. .
Branwaladr bran WAL a d'rr bran, "crow" + gwaladr, "ruler"  
Breichiawl BRAY kh'yowl a brave warrior in Y Gododdin  
Brice BRYCE anglicization of ap Rhys, "son of Rhys" Bryce
Brioc BREE ok An early Celtic saint. Meaning is unknown. .
Brochfael BROCH vyle a legendary Welsh king. Meaning is unknown. Brochwel
Brychan BREE khan "freckled" .
Bryn BRIN "hill" .
Brynllyn BRIN llin bryn, "hill" + llyn "lake; pool" (?) Brynlyn
Brynmor BRIN more bryn, "hill" + mawr, "large" Brynmawr
Bryngwyn BRIN gwin bryn, "hill" + gwyn, "white; holy"  
Brython BRI thon "a Briton"  
Cadell KAD ehl "battle" .
Cadfael KAD vyle "battle prince" .
Cadog KAH dog "battle" Cadoc
Cadwaladr kad WALL ah d'rr "battle leader" Cadwallader
Cadwallon kad WAHL on from cad "battle" and wallon "scatterer" or "leader" .
Cadwgan kad UG an, ca DOOG an "battle" Cadogan
Caerwyn KIRE win "white fort" .
Caradog kar AH dog "lover; loving person" The name of the leader of the Britons who led forces against the Romans in the 1st century. Caradoc, Caradwg
Carwyn KAR win from car "love" + gwyn, "holy; white; pure" .
Caswallon cas WAHL on a leader of Britons against 1st century Roman invaders. The name may be a form of Cadwallon. Cassivelanus (Romanized version)
Cawrdaf KOWR dav from cawr, "giant"  
Cecil SESS il anglicization of Sessylt, a Welsh name derived from Latin Sextus meaning "sixth" .
Cedrych KED rikh ced, "bounty; boon" + drych, "spectacle; pattern" possibly the base for the name Cedric, which Sir Walter Scott coined for his novel Ivanhoe.  
Cei KYE possibly derived from the Latin Caius meaning "man from Caita" or else from the Irish cái, "path; way." This was the name of King Arthur's foster-brother. Cai, Caw
Ceinfryn KINE vrin cain, "beautiful" + bryn, "hill"  
Ceiriog kye REE og a river name in North Wales used as a personal name. .
Celyn KEL in "holly" .
Celynen keh LUN en "holly," the name of a 6th century saint. Celynin
Cennydd KEN ith an ancient name, meaning is unknown. It is possibly Pictish in origin. Kenneth
Ceredig ker ED ig "loveable; kind" .
Ceri KEH ree "love" (also a girls' name) .
Cewydd KEE'ooith an early saint whose feast day is July 1st. It is said that if it rains on his feast day, it will rain for 40 days thereafter.  
Cian KEE an the name of a 5th century poet Kian
Cledwyn KLED win possibly, cledd, "sword" + gwyn, "holy; white; pure". The name of a Welsh river. .
Clwyd KLOO id a historic region in Wales.  
Clydai KLEE dye clod, "fame" + adjectival suffix.  
Clydno KLID no clod, "fame" + cno, "devourer"  
Coel KOYL "trust"-- a king with this name could be the inspiration for the rhyme "Old King Cole" .
Collen COHL en "hazel tree" .
Colwyn COL win The name of a river  
Conan CO nan possibly meaning "to grumble" .
Conwy CON wee the name of a river in Wales, sometimes used as a first name. .
Cospatrick COS pat rick an anglicization of a name meaning "servant of St. Patrick" .
Craigfryn KRIGE vrin craig, "rock" + bryn, "hill"  
Cranog CRA nawg "a crane"  
Crwys KROO ees "cross"  
Culhwch KEEL hookh possibly means "pig-lord." Culhwych
Cunedda kin ETH a a 5th Century Scottish leader whose sons are resported to have founded a Welsh royal dynasty.  
Curig KEE rig An early Celtic saint. Meaning is unknown. .
Cyfeiliog kuh VAY l'yog a district in Powys  
Cyffin KUF fin names of streams in Gwynedd and Ceredigion. Kyffin
Cymro KUM ro "a Welshman"  
Cynan KUH nan a 13th-century Welsh Prince. Meaning is disputed, possibly comes from "great; high" .
Cynddelw kun THEH loo the name of the greatest Welsh poet of the 12th century  
Cyndeyrn KUN dairn cyn, "chief" + teyrn, "lord" the name of a 6th century saint.  
Cynddylan kun THEE lan a sixth-century prince. Meaning is unknown. .
Cynedda kun ETH a a fifth-century king. Meaning is unknown. .
Cynfab KUN fab "first son" .
Cynfarch KUN varkh cyn, "chief" + march, "horse" Cynmarch
Cynfael KUN fyle from cyn meaning "chief" and mael meaning "prince" or "armor" .
Cynfrig KUN frik from the name of a Welsh river Kendrew, Kendrick
Cynog KUN og An early Celtic saint. Meaning is unknown. .
Cynon KUN on the name of a Welsh river, possibly coming from a word meaning either "offering" or "hound." .
Dafydd DAV ith Welsh form of David, from Hebrew, "beloved." .
Dai DYE diminutive of Dafydd .
Dedwydd DED with "blessed" .
Deian DY an diminutive of Dafydd .
Deiniol DYNE yol form of Daniel? .
Delwyn DEL win "pretty boy" .
Derfel DER vel An early Celtic saint. Meaning is unknown. .
Deri DEH ree "oak tree" .
Dewi DEH oo'ee a form of David .
Dogmael DOG myle An early Celtic saint. Meaning is unknown. .
Dwyryd DOO'EE rid "two fords"-- the name of a river. .
Dyfri DUH vree An early Celtic saint. Meaning is unknown. .
Dylan DUH lan a name from the Mabinogion, it is possibly connected to the word "sea." .
Ednyfed ed NIV ed a thirteenth century king. Meaning is unknown. .
Einion eye NEE on "Anvil" .
Eirian eye REE an "shining; fair." .
Eirwyn IRE win "golden" + gwyn, Meaning "holy; white; pure" .
Elffin EL fin possibly derived from Latin albus, meaning "white" Elphon
Elidir el IH dir the name of a legendary handsome boy, who was loved by the gods. Meaning is unknown. Elidor
Elis EL is form of Elias/Elijah .
Elwyn EL win "kind" + gwyn, Meaning "holy; white; pure" .
Elystan el ISS tan Welsh form of the Old English name Aethelstan. .
Emlyn EM lin Welsh form of the Latin name Aemilianus, meaning possibly, "rival." .
Emrys EM ris Welsh form of the Latin name Ambrosius, meaning "immortal" .
Emyr EM ur "King; lord." The name of a sixth century saint. .
Evan EV in anglicization of Iefan, a Welsh form of John. .
Fflamddwyn FLAM thwin "flame-bearer" .
Ffransis FRAN sis form of Francis .
Fychan VEE khan "small" Vaughan
Gareth GAH reth A knight of the Round Table in Arthurian Legend. It could mean "civilized" or "gentleness" or be a form of Geraint, which is of uncertain meaning. .
Gawain GAH wine an Anglicization of Gwalchgwyn meaning "white hawk." Gavin
Geraint GER ine't Welsh form of the Latin Gerontius meaning possibly, "old man" .
Gerallt GER ahlt Welsh form of Gerald, which is from Old English meaning "spear-rule" .
Gethin GETH in "dusky; dark" Gethyn
Gildas GIL das a sixth-century Welsh saint and historian, meaning is unknown. .
Gilfaethwy gil VYTH wee meaning is unknown .
Glanmor GLAN more this name is made up of the words meaning "clean; bright" and "great" .
Glyn GLIN "man from a valley" .
Goronwy gor ON wee A name in the Mabinogion and also the name of an 18th century bard. Meaning is unknown. .
Grigor GRIH gor Welsh form of Gregorius, a Latin name derived from Greek meaning "watchful; vigilant." .
Gruffydd GRIF ith Part of this name is derived from a word meaning "prince." The other part is unknown. Griffith, Gruffudd
Gwaednerth GWYDE nerth "blood" + "strength" .
Gwalchgwyn GWALKH gwin "white falcon" .
Gwalchmai GWALKH mye The first part of this name means "hawk," and the second may mean either "from the plain" or the month of May. .
Gwatcyn GOO'ot kin "little Walter." Walter is from Germanic elements meaning "ruler" and "army; warrior". .
Gwaun GWAIN "heath" .
Gwenlyn GWEN lin "white; blessed" + "hill" .
Gwili GWEE lee the name of a river of unknown meaning. Also used as a short form of Gwilym. .
Gwilym GWIL im Welsh form of William .
Gwion GWEE on the childhood name of Taliesin the minstrel. Meaning is unknown. .
Gwydderig gwi THER ig "wild" or "conspicuous" .
Gwyddno GWITH no "knowledge" + "fame"
Gwydion GWID yon The name of a sorcerer in the Mabinogion. It may mean "speaker of poetry" or be derived from words meaning "hill," "food," "knowledge" or "vein." Meaning is disputed. .
Gwyn GWIN "blessed; holy" Wyn
Gwynfor GWIN vor "holy; white" + "lord" .
Gwythyr GWEE thir Welsh form of Victor Gwydyr
Hafgan HAV gan "summer song" .
Heddwyn HETH win "peace" + "white, blessed" .
Heilyn HAY lin "cup-bearer" .
Heini HAY nee "sprightly; active" .
Hergest HER guest from a place name. Meaning is unknown. .
Heulfryn HALE vrin "sunny hill" .
Heulyn HAY len "ray of sun" .
Huw HEH'OO Welsh form of Hugh. .
Hywel HOO el "eminent" .
Iago YAHG o Welsh form of James, from Hebrew Iakov, meaning "supplanter." .
Ianto YAN toe pet form of Ifan, Ieuan or Iago = Johnny or Jimmy .
Idris ID ris a seventh century figure. Meaning is unknown. .
Idwal ID wal "lord of the ramparts" .
Iestin YESS tin Welsh form of Justin. Iestyn
Ieuan YIGH an or YAY an A Welsh form of John .
Ifan IH von A Welsh form of John Evan
Ifor IH vor Welsh form of Ivor, which comes from a Norse personal name made from elements meaning "yew; bow" and "army; warrior." .
Illtyd IHL tood "lord of everything" .
Ioan YO an A Welsh form of John .
Iolo YO lo A short form of Iorweth. .
Iorweth YOR weth "worthy lord" Yorath
Lewys LEH'OO iss Louis .
Llew HLEE'OO "light; fair" .
Lloyd HLO id "grey" or "holy" Llwd, Llwyd
Llyr HL eer grey-haired .
Llywarch HLEE warkh a sixth century king. The meaning is unknown. .
Llywelyn hlee WEL in "leader" Llewellyn
Mabon MAH bon "child"-- a Celtic god of youth. .
Macsen MAK sen from Latin maximus .
Madog MA dog "generous; forgiving" Madoc, Maddox
Mael MYLE "prince" .
Maelgwyn MYLE gwin "prince" + gwyn, Meaning "holy; white; pure" .
Maelgwn MYLE goon "prince" + "hound; wolf" .
Maelmadog myle MAD og "follower; servant of Madoc" Marmaduke
Math MAHTH possibly means "bear"- the name of a legendary half-god, half-hero .
Mathonwy math ON wee father of Math (see also) .
Medrawd MAY drowd in Arthurian legend, he was the son of King Arthur Mordred
Meical MYE kal A Welsh form of Michael. Meic (MIKE)
Meilyr MY lir "man of iron" .
Meirion may REE on possibly, "dairy farmer" .
Meredudd meh RED ith "great lord" Mareddyd, Meredith, Meriadoc
Merfyn MER vin The name of a ninth-century king. Meaning is unknown. Mervin
Meurig MY rig, MUH'EE rig from Latin mauricious .
Mihangel mee HANG el A Welsh form of Michael. .
Moelwyn MOIL win "bare; white" .
Morgan MOR gan made from an element meaning "circle; complete" and one unknown element. .
Morien MOR yen "sea-born" .
Myrddin MIR thin possibly derived from elements meaning "sea" and "hill" Merlin
Nudd NEETH perhaps derived from a Celtic god name .
Owain OH wine Could derive from the Latin name Eugenius, or could mean "born of Esos" (a god name) Owen
Pawl POWL Welsh form of Paul .
Pedr PED er Welsh form of Peter. Petran (PET ran), Pedran (PED ran)
Peredur peh RAY deer A name from Arthurian legend; meaning is unknown. .
Powel POE wel "son of Hywel" .
Pryderi prih DEH ree "to care for" .
Pwyll POO uhl "prudence; wisdom" .
Rhein HRAYNE "spear" .
Rheinallt HRAY nahlt "spear" + "hill" Reynold
Rhisiart RHISH art form of Richard .
Rhodri HROD ree "circle; disc; crown" .
Rhun HREEN "great" .
Rhydderch HRIH therkh "great king" .
Rhydian hri DEE an, HRID yan a form of Rhydwyn. .
Rhydwyn HRID win made from elements meaning "white; blessed" and "ford; crossing" .
Rhys HREES "ardor" Rees, Reece, Reese
Robat ROE bat Welsh form of Robert .
Seiriol SAIR yole "shining; bright one" .
Selwyn SEL win Welsh form of Julian .
Siarl SHARL Welsh form of Charles .
Siencyn SHEN kin Welsh form of Jenkin, which is a diminutive of John. .
Simwnt SHEE munt Welsh form of Simon .
Sion SHON a Welsh form of John. .
Sionyn SHON in diminutive of Sion. .
Sior SHOR Welsh form of George .
Steffan STEF an Welsh form of Stephen .
Sulien SIL yen "sun-born" .
Sulwyn SIL win "fair; white" + "sun" .
Taliesin tal YESH in "radiant brow" .
Tegwyn TEG win "beautiful; fair" .
Teilo TAY lo A sixth-century saint. Meaning is unknown .
Tewdwr TEH'OO door derived from elements meaning "people; tribe" and "ruler; king" Tudur, Tudor
Tomos TOE mahs Welsh form of Thomas .
Trefor TRE vor "large settlement" Trevor
Trystan TRIH stan "noisy"? .
Wyn WIN "white; pure; holy" Gwyn
Ynyr IN ir from Latin honorius .

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