Welsh Names: Women


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Women's Names

Name Pronunciation Meaning Other Forms
Addfwyn ATH voo-in "meek; gentle; mild" .
Aderyn ah DEH reen "bird" Adaryn
Adlais AD lice "echo"  
Adwen AD wen from gwen meaning "white; holy; blessed." the name of a Cornish saint, said to be the patron of sweethearts.  
Aelwen ILE wen "white" + "brow" Aylwen
Aerfen IRE ven " battle;" from the name of a Celtic river goddess. .
Aeron EYE ron possibly dervied from "berry," or could also be derived from a Celtic war-god whose name means "slaughter" .
Aeronwen eye RON wen the river name Aeron (see above) + suffix wen (white; holy; blessed) Aeron
Aeronwy eye RON wee the river Aeron (see above) + wy, a common name ending. Aeron
Afryl AV reel possibly from Old English Eoforhild which comes from elements meaning "boar" + "battle"  
Alaw AH low (rhymes with 'now') "melodious" from the name of a river in Anglesley. .
Aldyth AL dith from Old English Ealdgyth coming from elements meaning "old" and "battle." Aldith, Aldwyth
Alwen AL wen from the name of a river in Clwyd. .
Alys AH lis from Alice, an English name derived from the germanic Adelheidis meaning 'noble" Alis
Amranwen am RAN wen "white eyelid" .
Aneira an AY ra "snow" + an, an intensifier .
Anest AH nest the name of a 12th century princess. Meaning is unknown Annest
Angharad ang HAR ad "loved one" + an, an intensifier. .
Ann, Anna ANN, AN na Form of Hannah, Ann, which is Hebrew for "favor; grace" .
Anwen AN wen "White; holy" + an, an intensifier Annwen
Annwr ANN ur could be derived from either the Latin Honorius or from Welsh words meaning "very golden" .
Annwyl AN wil "beloved; dear" Anwyl
Arddun AR thun "beautiful; sublime" .
Arianell ah ree ON ehl "silver" the name of an early saint. .
Arianrhod ahr ee ON rhod "silver disc; circle"-- the name of a Celtic goddess associated with the moon, beauty, poetry and inspiration. .
Arianwen ahr E'ON wen "silver" + "white; blessed; fair" the name of an early saint .
Arwen AR wen gwen, "white; holy" + intensifying prefix Arwenna (ar WEN na)
Aurddolen airTHO len "gold" + "ring; link" .
Auron AIR on "gold" + on, a divine ending Euron
Awela ah WEH la "breeze" .
Awena ah WEH na "muse" Arwenna
Banwen BAN wen "peak" + "white; blessed" .
Beca BEC a form of Rebeca  
Berwen BER wen "mound; peak" + gwen "holy; white"  
Bethan BETH an diminutive of Elizabeth Betsan
Beti BET ee Dim. Of Elisabeth .
Betrys BET rees Welsh form of Beatrice Bettrys
Blodeuedd blod EE weth "flower" + "visage; face" .
Blodwedd BLOD weth "flowers" .
Blodwen BLOD wen "flower" + gwen, "holy; white; pure" .
Branwen BRAN wen possibly a form of Bronwen, influenced by "bran" meaning "raven." .
Brengwain BREN gwine the handmaiden of Esyllt in the legend of Trystan and Esyllt. Meaning is unknown. Brenwain, Brengain, Brengein, Brengana
Briallen bree AHL en "primrose" .
Brisen BREE sen a sorceress in Arthurian legend. Meaning is unknown. .
Bronmai BRON mye "breast; hill" + the month of May. .
Bronwen BRON wen "breast; hill" + gwyn, Meaning "holy; white; pure" .
Brythonwen bree THON wen "briton" + gwyn ("white; holy; pure") .
Buddug BEE thig Probably from buddugoliaeth, meaning "victorious." The name of the legendary queen of the Iceni who fought the Romans in the 1st century AD. She reportedly took poison rather than be captured. Boadicea, Boudicca
Cadi CA dee diminutive form of Catrin Cati, Catws
Cain KYNE "fair; beautiful" the name of a 5th century saint. .
Calan CAL an "new year's day"  
Canaid CAN ide from cân, "song" .
Caron CAR on the name of an early saint. The name is possibly derived from caru, meaning "love."  
Caronwen car ON wen from "love" and gwyn, Meaning "holy; white; pure" .
Carwen CAR wen from "love" and gwyn, Meaning "holy; white; pure" Carwenna
Caryl CAR il derived from caru, "love"  
Carys CAR is derived from caru, "love" Cerys
Catrin CAT reen form of Catherine Cadi (CAH dee), Cati (CAH tee)
Ceindeg KYNE deg "beautiful" + "fair" .
Ceindrych KYNE drikh "beautiful" + "appearance"  
Ceinfryn KYNE vrin "beautiful" + "hill"  
Ceinwen KYNE wen "beautiful" + gwyn, "holy; white; pure" .
Ceirios kye REE os "cherries" .
Ceri KEH ree the name of a river in Dyfed. Possibly derived from caru, "love" .
Ceridwen ker EED wen Possibly derived from caru "love" + gwyn, "holy; white; pure", or from cwrr, "crooked; bent" + ben, "female". The name of a Celtic goddess of poetic inspiration. .
Cerys KER is derived from caru, "love." Carys, Ceris
Collwen CAHL wen the name of an early saint. The meaning is unknown. .
Creuddylad cry THUL ad possibly, "engenderer of water" Creiddylad, Cordelia
Crisiant KREES yant "crystal; bright" .
Crystyn KRUS steen now seen as a form of the Latin Christina, meaning 'Christian," was probably originally a short form of Crisiant (see above). Cristyn
Cyffin KUF fin "boundary" the name of numerous streams in Wales. .
Daron DAR on "oak tree " + -on, a divine ending .
Deilwen DALE wen "leaf" + gwyn ("white; holy; pure")  
Del DELL "pretty" .
Delun DEL een "pretty" + "one"  
Delwen DEL wen "pretty" + gwyn ("white; holy; pure") .
Delyn DEL een from telyn, "harp."  
Delyth DEL ith "pretty girl" .
Deris DER is "oak tree"  
Derwena der WEN a "oak tree" .
Deryn DEH reen from aderyn, "bird"  
Deryth DER ith "oak tree" Derryth, Derith
Dilwen DIL wen "honeycomb; petal" + gwyn, Meaning "holy; white; pure" .
Dilys DIL lees "sincere; genuine"-- a 19th century coinage. .
Drudwen DRID wen either "starling" or "precious; dear; expensive" + gwyn, "white; holy; blessed" Drydwen
Drysi DROO see "thorns; briars" .
Dwyfor DWEE vor the name of a river .
Dwynwen DOO-EEN wen though better known as the Welsh patron saint of lovers, the 5th century St. Dwynwen is also the patron of sick animals. St. Dwynwen's Day (January 25th) is celebrated as something like St. Valentine's Day in Wales. The origin of the name is unknown.  
Dwyryd DWEE rid "two fords"-- the name of a river. .
Dwysan DWEE san from dwys, "profound"  
Dyddanwy dee THAN wee possibly from diddanwch meaning "delight" Diddanwy
Dyddgu DUTH gee appears in a 14th century poem.  
Dyfi DEE vee "dark; black." A river in Gwynedd  
Ebrill EB rill "April" Ebrilla, Ebrillwen
Edwy ED oo'ee the name of a river in Wales  
Efa AY va Welsh form of Eve, from Hebrew meaning "life." Efanna
Eigra AY gra "maid". The Welsh name of Igraine, the mother of King Arthur. Eigr, Igraine
Eilir AY lir "butterfly"  
Eilonwy ay LON wee name coined by the author Lloyd Alexander for his Chronicles of Prydain series. Possibly stems from eil meaning 'second' .
Eilwen AYL wen "white-browed" .
Eira AY ra "snow" .
Eirian ay REE an "shining; bright." Eiriana
Eirianwen ay ree ON wen "shining; bright." + gwyn, Meaning "holy; white; pure" .
Eirianedd ay R'YAN eth "shining; bright"  
Eiriol AIR yol possibly "beseeching" or derived from "snow" .
Eirlys AIR lees "snowdrop" .
Eirwen AIR wen "snow-white" .
Eirys AY ris "iris" .
Elan EL an from the name of a river Elanna
Elain EL ine "a fawn"  
Elen EL en Welsh form of Helen .
Elenid el EN id from a place name; meaning unknown. Elenydd
Eleri eh LEH ree an ancient Welsh name whose meaning is disputed, but may be "very bitter." It's also the name of a river, but the two may not be connected. .
Elinor eh LIN or Welsh form of Eleanor. .
Elisabeth eh LIS a beth form of Elizabeth .
Elli EH llee The name of a 6th century saint; meaning is unknown.  
Elliw ELL ee-oo "color"  
Eluned el EE ned form of Luned, which is possibly derived from "idol; image" Eiluned, Luned, Lynnette
Enfys EN vis "Rainbow" .
Enid EHN id possibly, "soul" a name from Arthurian legend. Once, an idiomatic expression for a beautiful woman was "a second Enid." Enida, Ena, Enidwen
Eos AY ahs "A nightingale"  
Erin EH rin Welsh word for "Ireland" Erina, Eryn
Eryl EH reel "a lookout" Eryla, Erylys
Esyllt AY seellt The legendary lover of Tristyn in the tale of Tristyn and Isolde. A possible meaning is "that which is fair to view" Essylt, Isolde, Isolda, Iseult, Isotta
Ethni ETH nee borrowing of the Irish name Eithne, meaning "kernal" or "gorse." A mythological name. .
Eurfron IRE vron "golden-breasted" .
Euron IRE on "golden" Eurys, Euryl
Eurddolyn ire THO lin "gold" + "a link; ring"  
Eurwen IRE wen "golden" + gwyn, Meaning "holy; white; pure" .
Ewig AY oo-ig "roe deer"  
Faleiry val AY ree form of Valerie (from Latin valere, "to be strong")  
Fanw VAN oo short form of Myfanwy  
Ffion FEE on "rose" or "foxglove finger" .
Fflur FLEER "flowers" .
Ffraid FRYDE Welsh form of Bríd (Brigid) meaning "exalted one" or "high goddess" .
Ffreuer FRUH'EE er the legendary sister of Heledd, princess of Powys  
Fioled vee OL ed "violet"  
Gaenor GAY nor Anglicization of Gwynhwyfar Gaynor
Geinor GYE nor form of Gwynhwyfar  
Generys geh NEH ris the name of the beloved of a 12th century poet-prince. Meaning is unknown  
Glenda GLEN da modern name made from words meaning "clean; holy" and "good." .
Glenys GLEN is from glan, "clean; pure; holy"  
Glesni GLES nee "blueness; freshness" .
Glynis GLIN is derived from either glan meaning "clean; holy" or glyn meaning "valley." Glynys
Goleubryd go LUH'EE brid "light" + "countenance; appearance"  
Goleudydd go LUH'EE dith "light" + "day"  
Grug GREEG "heather"  
Gwawr GOO'OWR "dawn" .
Gwawrddydd GOO'OWR thith "dawn of day" .
Gwawrwen GOO'OWR wen "white; radiant; holy" + "dawn" .
Gwen GWEN a short form of Gwynhwyfar, or other names beginning with gwen/gwyn .
Gwenda GWEN da modern name made from gwen "white; holy" and da"good." .
Gwenddydd GWEN thith gwen "white; holy" + dydd "day"  
Gwendolen gwen DO len "white; holy; pure" + "ring; bow; link" Gwendoline, Gwendolyn
Gwener GWEN er from Latin "Venus", also the name of the day of the week Friday.  
Gwenfair GWEN vire gwen "white; holy" + Mair (the name Mary)  
Gwenfor GWEN vor "holy; white", + "great"-- a 20th century coinage. .
Gwenfrewi gwen VRE'OO ee "white; holy; pure" + "reconciliation" Winifred
Gwenfron GWEN vron "fair-breasted" .
Gwenhwyfar gwen HOO'EE var "white and smooth" Jennifer, Gaynor, Gwynhwyfar, Guinevere
Gwenith GWEN ith "wheat" .
Gwenllian gwen HLEE an gwen "white; holy; pure" +either lliant "flood; flow; stream", llaian "flaxen," or lleian "nun" Gwenlliant
Gwenlyn GWEN lin "white; blessed" + "hill" .
Gwennan GWEN nan "white; blessed" .
Gwennant GWEN nant "white; blessed" + "stream"  
Gwennol GWEN nol "swallow [bird]" .
Gwenol GWEN ol "smiling"  
Gwenydd GWEN ith "Morning star" .
Gwenynan gwen EE nan "bee"  
Gwerful GWER vil "beng; ring; circle" + "shy; modest" Gwerfyl, Gweryl, Gweiryl
Gwernen GWER nan "alder" one of the daughters of Dôn Gwernan
Gwernfyl GWERN vil "alder tree" Gweirnfyl
Gwlithen goo LITH en "dewdrop"  
Gwyddelan gwith EL an gwyddel, "an Irishman" + an (name suffix). The name of an early saint  
Gwyddfid GOO'EETH vid "honeysuckle" .
Gwladys goo LAD is possibly form of Latin Claudia, meaning "lame." or else a feminine form of Gwledig, "ruler." Gladys, Gwyladus, Gwladwen
Gwylan GWEE lan "seagull" .
Gwylfai GOO'EEL vye gwyl "festival" + Mai "May"  
Gwyneth GWIN eth possibly from gwynaeth meaning "joy" or a form of Gwynedd, a region in northern Wales. Gwenyth
Gwynonwen gwun ON wen "Lily of the valley" .
Haf HAV "summer"  
Hafgan HAV gan "summer song" .
Hafren HAV ren The Welsh form of the river Severn, which gets its name from a Celtic goddess .
Hafwen HAV wen haf "summer" + gwen "white; holy" .
Heddwen HETH wen hedd "peace" + gwen "white; holy"  
Hedydd HAYD ith "skylark"  
Heini HAY nee "spritely; active" .
Heledd HEL eth "good" + "wound" .
Heulwen HAYL wen or HUH'EEL wen "sunshine" .
Heulyn HAY lin or HUH'EEL in "ray of sun" .
Hydref HEED rev "October; autumn"  
Hywela hoo WEL a feminine of Hywel, meaning "eminent" .
Iarlles YAR lles "countess"  
Idanwen ee DAN wen ? (possibly from yd meaning "corn") + gwen "white; holy"  
Ifanna ee VAN na form of Joanna, feminine form of Ifan (John)  
Ifanwy ee VAN wee either a feminine form of Ifan (John)or from manwy, "fine; fair"  
Ilar EE lar form of Latin Hilarius [Hilary] "cheerful" .
Iona ee OH na short form of Ionor (January)  
Ionor YO nor "January" Ionawr
Iorwen YOR wen iôr "lord; ruler" + gwen "white; holy" Ionwen
Iseult ee SAYLT "beautiful to look at" Essylt, Isolde
Ithela ee THEL a ith "lord" + hael "generous"  
Leri LEH ree short forms of Teleri, Eleri & Meleri  
Lili LEE lee "lily"  
Lilwen LIL wen "lily" + "white; blessed" .
Liwsi LEE'OO see form of Lucy, from Latin "light"  
Lleucu HLAY kee "light" .
Llian HLEE an "flaxen" .
Llinos HLIN os "linnet" .
Llio HLEE o originally a pet form of Gwenllian, but used on its own now .
Lluan HLEE an the name of an early saint. Meaning is unknown.  
Lodes LO des "maiden"  
Lowri LOE ree Welsh form of Laura, from Latin meaning "laurels" .
Luned LIN ed possibly derived from "idol; image" Linnet, Lynette
Lyneth LI neth from French Lynnette, which is actually a form of the Welsh Eluned (see above).  
Lynfa LIN va    
Lynwen LIN wen "vale" + gwen ("white; holy; pure") .
Mabli MAB lee from Latin amabilis, "loveable." English form: Mabel .
Madlen MAD len from Magdalen/Madeline, meaning "woman from Magdala" Modlen
Maelona mye LONN a feminine of Maelon, meaning 'prince.' Lona
Maelorwen mye LOR wen prince(?) + gwyn ("white; holy; pure") .
Mai MYE the month of May .
Mair MIRE Welsh form of Mary. Mairwen (MIRE wen), Meira (MAY ra), Mari, Meri
Mallt MAHLT Welsh form of Matilda .
Manon MAH non "queen; most beautiful" .
Marged MAR ged Welsh form of Margaret Mared (MAR ed), Megan (MEG an)
Medeni me DAY ee "born in September" .
Medi MAY dee "September" .
Medwen MAID wen an early saint who was a follower of St. Patrick.  
Mefin MEH vin "June" .
Megan MEG an diminutive of Margaret/Marged .
Meinwen MINE wen "slender" + gwyn ("white; holy; pure") .
Meirionwen mye R'YON wen "green" + "white; blessed" .
Melangell mel ANG ehl mel "honey; sweet + angel "angel." She is the patron saint of small creatures. .
Meleri mel AIR ee the name of St. David's grandmother. Meaning is unknown. .
Meudwen MAYD wen from the words "hermit" + gwyn Meaning "holy; white; pure" .
Modron MODE ron Celtic goddess, "great Mother" Madron
Modwen MODE wen "maiden" .
Moelwen MOIL wen moel "hill" + gwen ("white; holy; pure")  
Mold MOLD diminutive form of Matilda sometimes used on its own.  
Mona MO na Anglesey Island  
Morforwyn mar VOR win "mermaid"  
Morfudd MOR vith "great" + either "victory" or "knowledge" .
Morwen MOR wen could be derived from either the word for "maiden" or from elements meaning "sea," "great," or "very" + gwyn "white; blessed; pure" Morwenna
Mwyndeg MOO'EEN deg mwyn "gentle" + teg "pretty"  
Mwynen MOO'EEN en from mwyn "gentle"  
Myfanwy mee VON wee "my fine one" Myfi (MEE vee), Myfina (mee VEE na)
Nan NAN diminutive form of Ann Nanno, Nanw, Nanwen
Nans NANS form of Nancy Nansi
Nant NANT "stream"  
Nefyn NEV in one of the daughters of Brychan Brycheiniog, a 5th century king.  
Nerys NEH ris "lordly" .
Nest NEST Welsh form of Agnes Nesta
Nia NEE a from Irish name Niamh-- a name from mythology meaning "radiance; brightness; beauty" .
Non NOHN the mother of St. David; meaning is unknown Nona, Nonna
Olwen OL wen ol "trace; footprint" + gwen "white; blessed; pure" Olwenna
Owena ah WEN a feminine form of Owen.  
Perl PERL "pearl"  
Rebeca reh BEK a form of Rebecca Beca
Rhagnell HRAG nehl the name of an 11th century princess. Meaning is unknown. .
Rhedyn HRAY din "fern" .
Rhiain HREE an "maiden" Rhian, Rian, Rhianna
Rhiangar hree AN gar rhian, "maiden" + car, "love" Rhiengar
Rhiannon hree AN on possibly derived from rhiain "maiden" or from the name of a moon goddess. .
Rhianwen hree AN wen rhian, "maiden" + gwen "white; blessed; pure" .
Rhianydd hree AN ith "maiden" Rhianedd, Rhuanedd
Rhondda HRON tha "slender" Rhonda
Rhonwen HRON wen rhon means "pike; lance," but figuratively means "slender." + gwen "white; blessed; pure" Rhona
Rhosan HRO san the name of a river in powys  
Rhoslyn HROS lin Rhos means either "rose" or "moor" + glyn meaning "hill." Rhoswy
Rhunedd RHEEN eth "grand"  
Rosentyl ro SEN til ?  
Rowena ro EE na possibly an anglicized form of Rhonwen. .
Sara SAH ra Welsh form of Sarah .
Seirial say REE al, SAY r'yal a 6th century saint. possibly derived from the word for "cheerful."  
Seirian say REE an, SAY r'yan "Sparkling" .
Seren SEH ren "Star" .
Siân SHAHN Welsh form of Jane, a feminine form of John. Siani (SHAN ee)
Sidan SHEE dan "silk"  
Sioned SHO ned feminine of John, variant of Siân, roughly equivalent of Janet. Sionen
Siriol SIH r'yal "cheerful" .
Siwan SHOO an Welsh feminine form of John, it was sometimes anglicized "Susan," though it is unrelated to it etymologically. .
Siwsan SHOO san Welsh form of Susan, which comes from Hebrew meaning "lily" or "rose."  
Sulian sil EE an, SEEL yan sul, "sun" + geni "to be born"  
Sulwen SIL wen sul, "sun" + gwyn Meaning "holy; white; pure" .
Surwen SEER wen "charming; magical"  
Tafwys TAV wis Welsh name for the river Thames  
Tangwen TANG wen "peace" + "white; blessed" .
Tangwystl tang WOO'EE stil "peace" + "hostage; pledge" Tanglwst
Tanwen TAN wen "Fire" + "white; blessed" .
Taryn TAR in possibly derived from "thunder"  
Tegan TEG an teg, "pretty; beautiful"-- the name of an early saint Tegau (TEG ay)
Tegeirian teg EYE r'yan teg, "pretty; beautiful" + eirian "beautiful". Also the word for the orchid flower. .
Tegfedd TEG veth teg, "pretty; beautiful" + ? .
Tegwedd TEG weth teg, "pretty; beautiful" + "appearance" .
Tegwen TEG wen teg, "pretty; beautiful" .
Tegyd TEH gid teg, "pretty; beautiful" + "doe" .
Teiddwen TITHE wen either "desirous; fond" or "ardor" + "white; holy" .
Teifi TAY vee the name of a river in Wales. Also a boys' name. .
Telaid TEL ide possibly, "beautiful"  
Teleri tel EH ree the name of a river in Wales. Possibly an honorific form of Eleri. Tyleri
Telyn TEL in "harp" .
Tesni TES nee "warmth" .
Tirion TIH r'yon "gentle; happy" .
Tonwen TONE wen ton, "wave" + gwyn Meaning "holy; white; pure"  
Tudful TEED vil the name of a 5th century saint. Tudfyl, Tydfil
Undeg EEN deg "fair one" .
Wena WEN a short form of Morwenna & Awena Wenna
Wenhaf WEN hav ?  
Ynyra ih NEE ra form of Latin Honorius; feminine if Inyr  

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