What Should Madonna Have Named Her Baby?


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Madonna gave birth to a baby boy--she and her boyfriend, English film director Guy Ritchie named him Rocco. During Madonna's pregnancy, you wrote in to give suggestions on names. Here's what you would have named the baby!

Your Suggestions:

  • Try "Fatima." Since she already has a "Lourdes," and she's "Madonna," it maintains the thematic structure of naming babies for the Catholic fascination with Marion Apparitions.
  • To go with the religiously themed Lourdes: girl: Emmanuelle, Evangelina, Magdalena
    boy: Israel, Jericho, Judah
  • Veronica Marie Ritchie (that's the father's last name, right?)
  • My son is 20 monthes old and named Tatton pronounced (Tat-un with a soft a as in cat.) We've searched baby name books and the internet and haven't found a single one out there besides him. It's easy to say and he's loved it since he was a baby, always singing it and proud to exclaim it in his soft baby voice whenever anybody asks what his name is. We have definitely received a lot of comments about it. I think that if Madonna is expecting a boy that she should consider this unusual beauty.
  • Boys- Gabriel Lorenzo, Donavon Scott, Owen Benjamin, or Sebastian Lewis Girls- Paloma Marguerite, Bianca Bell, Bella Rose, Ingrid Kinkaid
  • I think she'll go with Fabien for a boy and Fatima for a girl. Maybe with a nice regal-sounding British middle name like Charles or Edward for a boy and Sophie and Margaret for a girl...Somewhere in the back of my mind the name Isabella, nickname Bella is showing up too, so either one of those is my guess!
  • Girl's Names: Ravenna, Lark, Cali, Mattise, Olivia, Disolina, Sadia, Aurora, Eilonwy, Brieih (pronounced "Bree-a"). Boy's Names
    Theo, Hunter, Harrison, Leo, Taran, Tristan, Hawk, Reed, Adaon, Blayne, Bedwyr
  • If she stays on the trend she started with Lourdes, she should name a boy Jericho Ambrose Ciccone Ritchie and a girl Eden Gwenevere Ciccone Ritchie.
  • I once met a beautiful little boy in Panama named Braulio Ariel. (I noticed that her daughter's name was Spanish)
  • I like Kendalyn Gabrielle for a girl. For a boy, Jayden Skyler. They're different, but not weird.
  • If it's a boy, I think she should name him Valentino, not because I'm nuts about it, but it seems to fit her, or Gabriel or Gabriel Valentino, that's pretty good! And if it's another girl, she should name her Dita, her alter-ego from her Sex Book... she seemed to really like that name at one time. But that's just my opinion!
  • Charlotte (called "Coco," which goes with Lola) for a girl. Jude for a boy.
  • I think Madonna should name her baby now that Prince doesn't need it anymore!
  • if I were Madonna, i would name my child Moon~Child, or Luna-Raven, if it were a girl, and if it were a boy, Alexander Helios, which was the name of cleopatra's son. if i were her and i had twins, i would name them cleopatra Selene and Alexander Helios, the sun and the moon. When I grow up, I'm going to legally change my name to Moon~Child
  • I think she should go with either something British or something Catholic (in keeping with Madonna and Lourdes). Antioch, Aidric, Roderic, Atticus, or Jasper for a boy. Adelaide, Louisa, Chloe, Ariadne, or Imogen for a girl.
  • Well she went for a spanish name with the spanish kid and father so how about a top british name for the british kid and father. For a boy I would say: Thomas William/James Harry/Charles Oliver/Alexander George/Edward Benjamin or any combo with these names and for a girl: Olivia Lucy/Isabel Charlotte/Emily Alice/Alexandra Sophie/Isabella Imogen or any combo of these names!
  • I think Madonna should go with something simple like Ashleigh Elizabeth or David Micah.
  • I think that she should name it " Taj ", as in Taj Mahal in keeping with the genre(either sex).
  • "Basillia" -girl
  • Carmelita -girl or Felipe - boy
  • Seth - boy
  • Xadia Crystal
  • i think if it is a girl she should name her Scarlet Rose and if it is a boy she should name him Ceasar Blaze because they are both interesting and go well w/ Lourdes.
  • Talia -means Lamb
  • Charlann (came from the Name-O-Tron)
  • Rani -means "she is singing"
  • Araydn or Araidn . Nickname of Ary or Arai. Sort of goes with Lourdes/Lola
  • Marilyn , coz she seems to like Marilyn Monroe
  • She needs to go bible: Sarah or Rebecca , Elijah or Jonah
  • This is an interesting topic. I have already had this discussion with some friends. I thought she could go exotic/Shakespearian (or other fave Brit author). Like - Bianca. Goes well with Lola/Lourdes but still has a British-y feel. Other possibles: Stella, Portia, Lucia Sebastian, Anthony
  • I think they should choose a name that:
    1) has an exotic/international feel to it
    2) goes well with Lourdes (Lola)
    3) is used in England, or rather, English speaking countries
    Here are my suggestions:
    Girls' Names
    Ursula, Thalia, Athena, Alana, Zahra, Magdalena, Genevieve, Aurora, Amira

    Boys' Names:
    Maximilian, Xavier, Julian, Ezekiel

  • Given her track record with Lourdes, a good Catholic place of miracles name, how about Fatima for a girl and Garibandal for a boy.
  • Bud - she's trying to change her image
  • Leo (b)--if he's born in August, he'll be a Leo. Could be short for Leonardo, which is Italian.
  • Bubba
  • Prince
  • I think that she should name the baby Trinity or Mandee- meaning loved ( for a girl ) and if it's a boy then Kade, Carson, Preston, or Acen ( ase-in )
  • Boy: Kydrick (pronounced KEY-drick)
    Girl: SierraDawn
  • Sephora
  • if a girl ~Bella Katriel, Maisie Rease or Siohban Jillian
    if a boy ~Xavier Guy, Gage Cameron or Julian Noah~
  • I like Tiara Monet
  • i think Madonna should name her baby something like Jade or Jada because jada a lola kinda sound nice together dont u think???
    If it's a boy she should name him Jakob Cullen or Alexander Riordan , and if it just happens to be a girl, she should name her Genesis Dakota or Zoe Alexis.
  • Acrystala
  • I think for a boy she sould use Zander Michael and for a girl Isabella May .
  • I would suggest the girl names: Thea and Tralana. I would suggest the boy names: Dezmond and Cinque
  • Jin - japanese for "super-excellent", and kinda cute too !!
  • How about Kera?
  • I think Madonna will stick with the place names - so it'll Monserrat, Bethlehem or Compostela for a girl, Jerusalem for a boy. And probably Antony or Patrick for a middle name...
  • Bobette or Jeeves .
  • Probably something really Brit cause she's into that stuff now, with her fake little accent, the house in London, the British boyfriend, Lourdes at some girl's school in the British countryside.
    Something like Hamish or Rupert or Henrietta . Or Hortense.
  • Since she's on the Italian track w/ Lourdes (Lola), Madonna should name her baby Giovanni or Maria.
  • Following the religious theme she has going . . . for a girl . . . how about Magdalene? For a boy . . . how about Judas?