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Names in General:

Name Voyager
This is a freaking SWEET interface that shows you names and their popularity over the past 100 years or so.
Behind the Name
This site has a long list of names and their origins, and what they mean. It's one of the few (perhaps the only) sites out there that is very accurate when it comes to name origins. It also has sections for names from various countries/ethnicities etc.
The Social Security Administration Office of the Chief Actuary
This site documents the most popular names from 1880 to 1999. An excellent site for finding out what names are popular in the USA! Baby Names
This is a directory of different baby name sites out there (click on Baby Names). It includes's own site, which isn't bad!
Based on Pamela Redmond Satran and Linda Rosenkrantz's best selling books Beyond Jennifer and Jason and The Last Word on First Names plus many others.
Baby Names Plus
This site has an extensive collection of names. The meanings are not always accurate, but it allows you to correct names, if they are wrong! A nice feature. Also includes popularity data.
Word Mixer
This is an interesting site-- type in existing names and it will create new names for you.
Think Baby Names:
an easy to search site listing names and their meanings.
Baby Names List
Search from twenty thousand baby names and get their meanings.
Baby Names Family
Names, meanings, articles and lots of other stuff.

Specialty Names:

The Utah Baby Namer
Find out some interesting and downright weird names that are being used in Utah.

The A to Z of Gothic Names
Name suggestions for your baby goth

Medieval Names
From the Academy of St. Gabriel, this is a site for finding authentic medieval names from mainly Europe.

Names from Around the World:

Japanese Baby Names
This site has a list of the most common Japanese names, plus how to spell them in Kanji. It also gives some background on Japanese names and naming customs.
Japanese Name Generator:
type in your name and get a Japanese equivalent!
Baby Name World
Has lists of names from all over the world. It doesn't seem very accurate for the Celtic names, but maybe other lists are better.
Armenian Male Names and Armenian Female Names
This site lists Armenian names and how to pronounce them in both Western Armenian dialect and Eastern Armenian.
How to Pronounce Finnish Names
Your Finnish blind date is named Yrjö. But how do you pronounce it? This site has sound files to tell you how!!
Irish Names: Traditional, Modern, and In-Between
This site is our other baby; it's about another obsession of ours: Irish names. It includes meanings, histories and other tidbits about Irish names. 
Scottish Names
A Companion site to the Irish names page listed above. It gives the same treatment to Scottish names.

What is Your name in Hawaiian?
A giant list of non-Hawaiian names and their Hawaiian equivalents.
Traditional Hawaiian Names
This site gives native Hawaiian names, and a little bit about Hawaii and naming customs.
Get a Chinese Name
Online Mandarin Tools has a program that will re-name you based on sounds from your own name, birthday and desired attributes.

Translate your name into Chinese
This site finds characters for your name; it also has sections for translating names from German, Spanish, Arabic, French etc.
Name and Fame
Indian baby names, and all sorts of other lists.

IndoBase Indian Baby Names
Collection of Indian baby names along with their meanings. These names are broken down into all sorts of useful and interesting categories (language, religion, popular, rare etc.)!
Arabic Names
A list of Arabic names and their meanings.