What Would YOU have Named Gwyneth's & Gwen's Babies?

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Let's face it, we're a celebrity-obsessed culture. Celebrities have been responsible for a lot of the naming trends we see today. Thus said,
Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale are having their first kid together. Gavin has one daughter, named Daisy Lowe.
Update! Ms. Stefani & Mr. Rossdale had a baby boy named Kingston James McGregor Rossdale.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin are having their second baby-- their first, a daughter, is named Apple Blythe Alison Martin.
Update! Ms. Paltrow & Mr. Martin had a baby boy named Moses.

Here are your suggestions as to what you would have named them....

Your ideas for the Paltrow-Martin baby: The Stefani - Rossdale baby:
BOY: Capone
GIRL: Coconut (in the tradition of name kids after food)
fartly sue
Since the first child's name begins with the first letter in the alphabet they perhaps can go to the next letter which would be the letter "B" I suggest name her, if a girl after me Brizjour Amour (different and very unique) or name her Amour Brizjour Or you can name her Appraisha/ my user name.They are all very good names BOY: David
GIRL: Michelle
Girl - Bee
Boy - Mint
Girl - Marika Lolita Blossom Pearl
Boy - Willough Darian David Rei
Gwyneth and Chris should name their kid(s): Pear so that it matches with Apple (plus its unisex; no trouble of 'oh, but it's a girl's name') If they get twins, how about Pear and Grape? Or Peach and Banana? Or Orange and Melon? Or to make it sound cool, in Spanish it would be Pera and Uva or PÍche and Banane (in French) or even in Dutch, Orange and Melon would be Sinaasappel and Meloen.

Amalek which comes from safek, meaning 'doubt' (you know, as in No Doubt...)

Jennifer which means 'white wave' and is the English form of

My friend and I have decided that paltrows new baby should be named sauce, pie, cider or fritters. HAR HAR. Or she should have another baby after this one and they could be named johnny, apple, and seed.

Orange is always a good choice too. It could be plan B.
Harvest or Peregrine for either baby Martin or Rossdale. Harvest would go especially well with Apple, as they both remind me of autumn. Peregrine is also a Lord of the Rings name, for one the Took brothers, but I think they call him Pippin, right? Stefani and Rossdale, I don't know much about, but what I've seen of them, they strike me as an off-beat sort of couple, so it might appeal to them on that level.
grapenut paltrow-martin I don't think anyone in the world has this name but my Dad. His name is Gwynard. If they have a boy this is what they should name him. Name him after my Dad. Then there will be two Gwynards in the world.
Jacks Carmel Ross Stefani Steffani Rossdale
Blaze Hayden Alexander Juice Aynslee Elizabeth. Jaxson or Hunter Dylan or Immajin
jayven' (jay-vin) jordyn or jaydn' (jay-en) Gaelen Cole or Garrett Jasper Gwednesday Adrielle
Mason or Landon Brooklyn or Shayne Gregor Genevieve
Jessup, Bruno Pearl, Rose, Magnolia, Petunia, Ruby Boy: DeVonne Girl: Yasrian
Bryce or Jason Patrice or Lisia Demetrius or Lysander Abriella or Kylie or Jordan
Bryce Kyla Boy: Wesley (Wes) or Hayden Girl: Sakara, Leonora, Aqualyna, or Elita
Boy: Mason or Landon Girl: Brooklyn or Shayne Jaxson or Hunter Girl: Dylan or Immajin
Boy: Blaze Hayden Alexander. Girl: Juice Aynslee Elizabeth. Gaelen Cole or Garrett Jasper. Gwednesday Adrielle.
Cherry (girl) or Patrick (boy) Rosemary (girl) or Braden (boy)
If it's a boy, Barton Martin. Or, possibly Bartlett like the pear (to go with Apple) Well, Gwen & Gavin both start with G, so maybe Garth, Greer, Gideon, Gudrun, Gunther or Gráinne? They're both Welsh type names, so maybe Gareth, Gethyn, or Gaenor, Gladys, Glenys, or Gryffudd (Griffith)?
Orange Gwavin
Paltrow & Martin's 2nd should be Orange or Pear

I would name Gwen and Gavin's kid Tony, after the real dad. I find it difficult to believe that Gwen and Gavin really do it, so I think she gets visits from the old boyfriend/bandmate.

The baby is going to come out and it's going to be like Me Myself and Irene. There will be a subtle pigment difference between Rossdale and who he thought was his son.

Vodka. Gwen and Gavin's kid should be named Really Bad Music Rossdale. In keeping with the rest of their output.
if its a girl it should be Helena if its a girl it should be Helena
Byron or Sage I reckon there's a chance they'll name it something like Lamb or Mary. Even better...Meriatta-Lamb
Girls: Peach, Honey, Cherry

Boys: Barley, Basil, Clove, Grove, Berry, Ephraim

Girls: Aislinn, Brenna/Brynn, Rhiannon, Ariana, Bronwen

Boys: Bowen, Bryan, Colin, Ian, Rhys, Owen, Dylan, Griffin, Bryce

I always expected Gwyneth to choose something classic for her first daughter, but she ended up calling her Apple, so I´m really not sure what she´ll name her next child, I hope she won´t choose Peaches, Honey, Orangina or something like that, but she shouldn´t use a name which is too popular or classic because it won´t sound good with Apple, she should choose something like Katia, Clarissa, Liv, Livia or Liliana for a daughter and Cedric, Aron or Lucian for a son. Gwen´s baby should have a really cool but pretty rockstar name, I think she could name a daughter Roxanne, Alexandria, Sky or Quinn. She could also choose something more classic like Rosie or Juliet, but I don´t think she´ll choose a name which is too ordinary or popular. I think she could name a son Reese or Charlie.
Aiden Bruce & Amelia Kate Stellan Kai & London Maria
Blossom, Elynor, Ruby; Knight, Charlton, Noble Rose, Calyna, Marielle; Knight, Justus, Axel