Color Names

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Maybe you know an Amber or a Scarlet. Names of colors, evoking rich images are becoming more popular. Here are a few more you could use (some of these may be weird on a human, but they work really well for cats and dogs!):

Adobe Carmine Ebony Ivory Olive Sand Umber
Almond Carnelian Eggplant Jade Onyx Scarlet Vermilion
Amber Cerise Emerald Jet Opal Shell Violet
Aqua Cerulean Fawn Kelly Orange Siena Viridian
Ash Chamois Flint Khaki Peach Silver White
Auburn Charcoal Forest Lavender Pearl Sky Wine
Azure Chartreuse Fuchsia Lemon Pebble Slate Yellow
Beige Cinder Garnet Lilac Periwinkle Smoke  
Bisque Cinnabar Gentian Linen Pink Smoky  
Black Citrine Gold/Golden Loden Platinum Sorrel  
Blue Citron Goldenrod Magenta Poppy Steel  
Bone Claret Green Mahogany Pumpkin Stone  
Brick Cobalt Grey Maize Purple Sunset  
Bronze Copper Harvest Moon Maroon Red Taupe  
Brown Coral Hazel Mauve Rose/Rosy Teal  
Burgundy Cornsilk Henna Mocha Ruby Thistle  
Butterscotch Crimson Honey Mustard Russet Turquoise  
Canary Cyan Hunter Navy Rusty Turquoise  
Caramel Denim Indigo Ochre Saffron Tyrian