The Saga of Steve

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A friend of mine was viciously dumped for her best friend at the tender age of 14 by a guy named Steve. Eventually, she got over the heartbreak and married a different Steve. That marriage failed, but the legacy of the Steves lives on. She will not date another Steve. Now no matter how charming, intelligent, witty and handsome a Steve is, Sarah will avoid him at all costs. Do you know how difficult it is to avoid Steves when you're in your 30s? See? If the Steves' parents had been more creative, Sarah would probably have gotten over her psychological hang-up and just taken up crocheting or something, rather than snarling at movie credits every time a Steve is listed.

Another saga of Steves, my sister married a Steve, and my cousin also has a Steve, as well as my aunt’s sister. Family gatherings are interesting; as the Steves are known, respectively, as "Allison’s Steve," "Liz’s Steve" and "Anna’s Steve." At least one of the Steves finds this very emasculating. I’m not sure how the other Steves feel, but they are probably used to it.