Boys' Names Into Girls' Names

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You really really want to name your daughter after her father or grandfather, or other male person. However, you can't think of any good names that work, short of calling your daughter Donaldette.

Creating feminine forms of masculine names is an age-old practice. Here are some ideas, though not necessarily etymologically correct... they would still work in a pinch without having ro resort to something weird and contrived (like Walterina).

Boy Name Girl Name
Aaron Erin, Ara
Adam Ada, Adaline, Adamina, Adama, Maddie
Alexander Alexandra, Alexis, Alexa, Alessia, Alexia, Lexi, Sandrine, Sandra
Allen/Alan Allyn, Alana, Alandra, Ellen, Aleyna
Andrew Andrea, Drew, Drea, Andi
Anthony Antonia, Tonia, Antoinette, Tonette, Toni, Anthea
Benjamin Benjamina, Benji, Jamina, Jami, Minnie, Amina
Brian Brianne, Briana, Brianna, Bria, Bree, Rian, Brina
Charles Charlotte, Charlene, Charmaine, Caroline, Carolyn, Carol, Carolina, Charla, Charlie, Carla, Carlotta
Christopher Christina, Christine, Kristen, Christie, Christiana, Krista/Christa, Stina
Daniel Danielle, Daniela, Dani, Dana, Danna, Danya, Danica
Darnell Nell, Nella, Nellie, Dary, Daria, Dara
David Davie, Davida, Vida, Davita, Davina, Devina
Dennis Denise, Dee, Deane, Deanne, Dena
Donald Donaldina (don't laugh, this is really a name!), Donna, Donya, Dona, Alda
Edward Edwina, Edwita, Edith, Edda, Edna, Eden
Eric Erica, Ricki, Erin, Rica
Eugene Eugenia, Genia, Eugenie, Jean, Jeannie, Gina
Frank Franca, Frankie, Frances, Francesca, Francisca
Gary Cary, Mary, Garia
George Georgia, Georgina, Georgette, Georgiana, Georgie, Geordie/Jordie, Jordan
Gregory Gregoria, Ori, Reggie
Harry Harriet, Hattie
Henry Henrietta, Hetty, Hattie
Jack Jacqueline, Jackie, Jacey, Jacquetta (don't laugh, I knew one!)
Jamal Jami, Molly, Amalia, Jamila
James Jamesina, Jimi, Jamie, Jem
Jason Sonya, Jacey, Jayce, Jaye, Jayli, Jaydi, Jayla, Jade, Sonja (the letters in Jason re-arranged)
Jeffrey Freya, Effie, Jeri, Frida
Jerry Jeri, Geraldine, Jara, Jera, Jeria
John Johnette, Jane, Joan, Jean, Janine, Jeannette, Johnnie, Janika, Johanna, Joanne
Joseph Josephine, Josefa, Josefina, Josie, Joey, Joy, Joanne
Joshua Joshi, Josie, Jo, Sue
Justin Justine, Justina, Jussi
Kenneth Kendra, Kenna, Kenzie, Kenza
Kevin Evin, Keva
Larry Laura, Laurie, Laurel, Lauren
Lawrence Laura, Laurie, Laurel, Lauren, Lorraine, Lorna, Lana
Leroy Leah, Leigh, Leia, Roya
Lester Esther, Leslie
Lewis/Louis Louise, Louisa, Lulu, Luanne, Lucy
Mark Markelle, Markie, Martha, Marsha, Marla, Marley
Martin Martine, Martina, Marti, Mara, Mary
Matthew Mattea, Mattie, Madison (means 'son of Matthew!')
Michael Michaela, Michelle, Mika, Micki, Micheline
Neil Neila, Nella, Nell, Nelia
Nicholas Nicole, Nicola, Nicki, Nicolette, Colette, Cole, Nico
Patrick Patrice, Patricia, Patty, Tricia
Paul Paula, Paulette, Pauline, Polly, Paola, Pavla
Peter Petra, Petrella, Petrina, Petrie, Teri, Terina
Philip Phillipa, Pippa, Phyllis, Phyllida, Philomena, Philomela
Randy Randi, Andi
Raymond Rae, Raelyn, Ramona, Rayna, Raya, Rayne, Rayla
Richard Richelle, Ricki, Rica
Robert Roberta, Robyn, Bobbi
Roger Geri, Romy, Rowey
Ronald Roni, Ronni, Ronya, Rona, Rhoda
Ryan Ryanne, Ryan, Rianna, Ria
Scott Scotti? Scotia? (I can't think of anything good) how about Caledonia-- that means "scotland" !
Sean Shauna, Shaina, Shanna, Shani, Shayne, Shawn
Stephen/Steven Stephanie, Stevie
Thomas Thomasina, Thomasine, Tommi, Tessa, Tessie
Walter Teri, Wallis, Ali
William Willa, Wilhelmina, Willamina, Billie, Willow, Lia
Zachary Zacchia, Cary