The Trouble With Amy

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A lot of people have e-mailed me things like "There's a reason Jacob is so popular--because there's nothing wrong with it! Jacob is a great name!" So what is wrong with having a name that you share with tons of other people? The answer: Nothing, if you like it! Some people like having the same name as others; they can blend in. They never have to spell their name out for people. There's no hassle and they were not picked on in school. This is fine and dandy, but what about the rest?

It was annoying going through elementary school with a slew of Amys. I was always known as Amy B., or in extreme cases (such as an 8th grade home ec class where there were 6 girls in the class: 5 Amys and one Susie), Amy B. #2 or Short Amy B. Occasionally, I was "Amy--the weird one." Sure, that was irritating, but I got over it. In larger workplaces, there is usually one other Amy to contend with, in which case I am branded "The dark-haired one" or "the new one" but it's not that big a deal, there are usually far more Joans and Kathys. Basically, I learned to never respond when I heard someone call "Amy!"

The most annoying part of having a super common name came later in life--every guy I've ever gone on a date with has already dated at least one Amy. I always get "Oh, I dated an Amy once. She was a real -(fill in the blank)-." If she was a freak, then the name will be forever equated with a psycho in his mind. If Amy was wonderfully gorgeous and amazing, I'll never fill her shoes. No matter who I date, I'll always be the Second Amy or the Third Amy, or That Other Amy. Is it any wonder why I go by my middle name?