Lewis and Sophie Favourite Names in 2007

From the General Register Office for Scotland, 19 December 2007

Lewis and Sophie head up the lists of the most popular names in Scotland, 2007, published today by the Registrar General for Scotland.

Lewis has returned to the top spot for boys - just pushing last year’s winner, Jack, into second place. Ryan and James both climb one place to third and fourth respectively whilst Callum falls two places to fifth.

For the third year in a row, Sophie is the most popular girls’ name with Emma remaining in second place. Lucy (third) and Erin (fifth) swap places whilst Katie remains in fourth place.

For boys and girls the top five names remained the same with just some minor changes in ranking.

The biggest climbers in the 2007 baby name charts were Jayden for boys and Summer for girls.

The top 50 boys’ names accounted for just under half of all boys’ names registered and the top 50 girls' names accounted for 44 per cent of the registrations.

The list of top 20 Boys and Girls names and detailed tables (including the top 100 names and top 10 for Council areas) can be found on the most popular names in Scotland, 2007, detailed tables page on this website

Duncan Macniven, Registrar General for Scotland, said:

“As always, the list of Scotland’s favourite baby names is very interesting. Around 27,600 boys and 26,200 girls names have been registered. Almost 6,500 different names were chosen this year and around 1,700 boys and 2,400 girls were given unique (for 2007) names.

“There is a change at the top for boys, Lewis just pipping Jack and one new entrant to the top ten Liam (up 9 places to 8). Finlay (up 8 places to 13) and Aiden (up 8 places to 17) are the two new entrants to the top 20.

“Lower down the top 100 there have been large jumps for Lucas (up 12 places to 52), Evan (up 13 places to 63), Alfie (up 21 places to 66) and George (up 16 places to 80). The biggest rise was seen by Jayden, a new entrant to the top 100 (up 83 places to 52).

“Falls in popularity were noted for Scott (down 7 places to 34), Sean (down 9 places to 42) Robert (down 7 places to 48) and Robbie (down 19 places to 57).

“For girls, Sophie is top for a third year and Emma remains in second place. There are no new entrants to the top ten but five new to the top twenty - Ava (up 14 places to 14), Isla (up 7 places to 16), Brooke (up 15 places to 17), Niamh (up 5 places to 19) and Eilidh (up 16 places to 20).

“Names making significant advances in the top 100 include Amelia (up 40 places to 57), Sophia (up 66 places to 64), Casey (up 60 places to 70), Charley (up 44 places to 86) and Rhianna (up 35 places to 98). The biggest rise was seen by Summer (up 75 places to 52). Notable reductions in popularity included Rachel (down 13 places to 29), Leah (down 17 places to 35), Amber (down 14 places to 60) and Laura (down 13 places to 77).”