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What is your name in Irish? For example, if your name is John, the Irish translation is Seán or Eoin. Here are the Irish equivalents of some common English names. English names are in themselves usually translations of other foreign names (e.g. Mary comes from a Hebrew name closer to 'Miriam'), so the origin of the name is included.

Not all names are translatable into Irish. Most names that are translatable are either biblical, the names of saints or other prominent people, or names brought to Ireland by Vikings, Normans and other settlers. If you don't see your name, it probably doesn't fall into one of the categories listed above.

However, if you really want your name translated, there are other ways. First check out our Problem Name page: Women's Names to see if your name is there. We also have Problem Name Page: Men's Names. For example, although there is no etymological Irish equivalent of the name Winifred, for many years it was used as a 'translation' of the Irish name Una, due to slight similarity in sound. Many names have cultural, if not linguistic equivalents. These names are listed in italics.

If you haven't done so already, non-Irish speakers please see the the pronunciation guide.
Aaron Hebrew, possibly Egyptian origin meaning uncertain, often associated with Hebrew, "high mountain" Árón AW rone
Adam Hebrew "red earth" Ádhamh, Ádam AW hav, AW dum
Adrian Latin "From Hadria" Aidrean Ah dree an
Alan, Allen Celtic (?) meaning is disputed Ailín AH leen
Alexander Greek "defender of mankind" Alastar, Alusdrann AHL sun dur, AHL uh stur
Albert Germanic "bright nobility" Ailbhe AHL vyeh
Andrew Greek "man" Aindréas, Aindriú, Aindreas AHN dray is, AHN dryu, AH dras
Anthony Latin used in Latin, but probably from an unknown word of Etruscan origin. Antoin, Antóin, Antain(e) AHN tun, AHN toe in, AHN tan (eh)
Augustine Latin "majestic" Aghaistín/ Aibhistin AH steen/AH stin
Barnabas, Barney Aramaic "son of the prophet" Brian, Brion BREE un
Bartholemew Hebrew "son of Talmai" Parthalán PAR ha lawn
Basil English from Greek "king" Breasal BRA sul
Bernard Germanic "Bear' Bearnárd, Brian, Brion BAR nawrd, BREE un
Charles German "man' Searlas, Calbhach, Cathal SHAR lis, KAL vakh, KAH hul
Christian Greek "follower of Christ" Giolla Chríst GYILL a KHREESHT
Christopher Greek "Christ bearer" Criostoir KREEST er
Columba Latin "dove" Colm CULL im
Daniel Hebrew "God is my judge" Daniél, Domhnall/Dónal DAHN yale, DOE nal
David Hebrew "beloved" Daibhí, Daibhead DAH vee, DAH vid
Dominic Latin "Lord" Damhnaic, Damhlaic, Doiminic DAV un ak, DAV uh lak, DUH min ik
Edmund Germanic "wealthy guardian" Éamonn, Éamann AY mon
Edward Germanic "wealthy protector" Eadbhárd AYD vard
Eric Germanic "always" or "one" + "ruler" Eiric EH rik
Felix Latin "Happy; blessed" Felic, Feidhlim FEL ik, FEL im
Francis Latin "from France" Proinséas, Proinsias PRAHN shis
Gabriel Hebrew Conquerer Gabriel, Gaibrial GAH breel, GAH bryul
Geoffrey, Jeffrey German God's peace? Seafraid, Seathrun SHEH frid, SHEH hrun
Gerald French rules with a spear Gearalt GER alt
Gerard old English brave with a spear Gearoid, Gearard GER id, GER ard
George Greek farmer Seoirse SHOR sa
Gregory Greek watchman; vigilant Gréagóir, Greagoir GRAY agore
Harry German home ruler Annraoi, Anraí ON ree
Henry German home ruler Annraoi, Anraí ON ree
Herbert Germanic illustrius warrior Hoireabard HUR uh burd
Hugh, Hugo Germanic heart, mind, or spirit Úga, Aodh, Uisdean, Eoghan OO ga, EE, ISH jen, OH in
Irving Scottish surname deriving from a place name Éireamhón AY ra vone
Isaac Hebrew to laugh Íosac EE suk
Jacob, James Hebrew he who replaces Séamus, Séamas SHEH mus
John Hebrew God is gracious Seán (via the Old French form Jehan), Eóin (via the Latin form Ioannes) SHAWN, OH n
Jonathan Hebrew gift of God Ionatán or Seonac YO na tawn or SHON ak
Joseph Hebrew God will increase Seosamh SHO sav
Laurence Latin from Laurentius Labhrás LOW raws, LAWV raws
Leo, Leon Latin lion León LEE own
Louis, Lewis Germanic famous warrior Alaois, Alabhaois Lughaidh ALL eesh, ALL a veesh, LOO ee
Luke Greek Man from Lucania Lúcás LOO caws
Magnus Latin great Mánus MAW nus
Mark, Marcel Latin Of the (Roman) god Mars Marcas, Marcus, Mairsial MAR cas, MAR shal
Martin Latin warlike Mairtín MAR steen
Matthew Hebrew gift of God Maitiu, Máta MA tcheeu, MAW ta
Maurice Latin dark skinned Muiris MWEE rish
Michael Hebrew who is like God? Mícheál MEE hawl/MEEL
Morgan Welsh sea circle Murchadh MUR uh kha
Nicholas Greek victory of the people Cóilín, Nicolás, Aonghas CO ileen, NIC uh laws, AYN ghus
Nigel Latin form of Neil Niall NEE ul
Noah Hebrew meaning is disputed Nóe, Naoise NO eh, NEESH a
Noel French Christmas Nollaig NULL ig
Oliver Latin olive tree Oilibhéar ULL i vare
Patrick Latin nobleman Pádraig, Padraic PAW drig or PORE ik
Peter Greek rock Peadar, Piaras PADTH ur, PEEA ras
Paul Latin small Pól POLE
Phillip Greek lover of horses Pilib PILL ib
Ralph Germanic crafty counselor Rádhulbh RAW ulv
Raymond German counselor; protector Réamann RAY man
Richard German strong ruler Risteard RISH taird
Robert English bright fame Roibeard RUB erd
Roderick, Roddy Germanic famous power Ruairí ROO a ree
Roger Germanic famous spear Ruairí ROO a ree
Roland German famous land Rodhlann RUH lan
Samuel Hebrew God has heard Somhairle SO uhr lyeh
Simon Hebrew To hear, or to be heard Síomón SHEE mone
Solomon Hebrew Peace Solamh SUL uv
Stephen Greek crown Stíofán, Stiana SHTEE fawn, SHTEE uh na
Theobald Germanic brave people Tiobóid TEE bohd
Theodore Greek God's gift Téodóir TAY uh dore
Thomas Greek twin Tomás tuh MAWS
Timothy Greek honoring God Tadhg, Tomaltach TYG, TOM ul takh
Victor Latin victorious Buadhach BOO akh
Vincent Latin Conquerer Uinsean In shan
Walter Germanic Army commander Ualtar, Uaitár UL tur, IT awr
William German constant protector Uilliam/ Liam ILL ee um/LEE um

*Irish names were often "translated" into English with names that had no etymological connection, but which sounded similar or had similar meanings. The names in italics represents Irish Gaelic names that may have no connection to the English name given linguistically, but were historically connected to the English name through this process.

Don't see your name? Check out our Problem Name page! It might be listed there.