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Irish Translations of English Names: Men

What is your name in Irish? For example, if your name is John, the Irish translation is Seán or Eoin. Here are the Irish equivalents of some common English names. English names are in themselves usually translations of other foreign names (e.g. Mary comes from a Hebrew name closer to 'Miriam'), so the origin of the name is included.

Not all names are translatable into Irish. Most names that are translatable are either biblical, the names of saints or other prominent people, or names brought to Ireland by Vikings, Normans and other settlers. If you don't see your name, it probably doesn't fall into one of the categories listed above.

However, if you really want your name translated, there are other ways. First check out our Problem Name page: Women's Names to see if your name is there. We also have Problem Name Page: Men's Names. For example, although there is no etymological Irish equivalent of the name Winifred, for many years it was used as a 'translation' of the Irish name Una, due to slight similarity in sound. Many names have cultural, if not linguistic equivalents. These names are listed in italics.

If you haven't done so already, non-Irish speakers please see the the pronunciation guide.
Abigail Hebrew "my father's joy" Abigeál, Gobnait AHB i gyal
Adrian, Adrianne, Adrienne Latin "From Hadria [place in Asia minor] Aidrean Ah dree an
Agatha Greek "pure" Agata AH gah ta
Agnes Greek "Holy" Aignéis, Úna AG neysh, OO na
Alice, Allison, Alicia old German "noble" Ailís, Ailíse AY leesh, AY leesha
Anastasia Greek "re-born" Annstas, Stéise ON stas, SHTAY sha
Angela, Angel, Angelica Latin "angel" Aingeal AHN gel (hard g as in goat)
Ann, Hannah Hebrew Grace; "God has favored me" Ánna, Áine AW na, AW nyeh
Barbara Greek "foreigner; stranger" Bairbre/ Baibín, Gormlaith BAR breh/BA been
Blanche French "white" Fionnait, Blinne FYUN it, BLIN yeh
Carina Latin "keel" Cairenn CAR in
Catherine/Katherine/Kathryn (see also Kate) Greek usually. associated w/ 'pure,' though actual meaning is unknown Cáitlín, Caitrín, Cáitriona KOYT hleen, KOYT hreen, koyt HREE uh na
Charlotte/Carla/Caroline/Carol German feminine form of of Charles, meaning "man." Searlait SHAR lit
Christina, Christine, Krista etc. Greek "follower of Christ" Crístíona KREE shtee uh na
Cecilia Latin "blind" Síle SHEE la
Daisy English flower name Nóinín, Nóra NOE neen, NOE ra
Dorothy Greek "gift of God" Dairinn DAHR in
Eleanor Germanic "foreigner" also thought to be a pet form of Helen (see also) Eileanóra, Eileanór, Aileanóra El un OR a, el un OR, al un OR a
Elizabeth, Isabel Hebrew "I pledge to God" or "God is my oath" Eilís, Sibéal AY leesh, shi BALE
Emily Germanic Possibly: "industrious" Eimíle EM ee la
Esther, Hester Persian "star" Eistir, Aislinn, Aisling ESH ter, ASH leeng
Eva, Eve Hebrew "life" Eábha, Aoife AW va, YAW va, EE fa, WEE fa
Evelyn Germanic possibly means "desired" Eibhlín, Aibhilín ei LEEN, AHV i leen
Flora, Florence Latin "flowering" Bláthnaid, Blánaid BLAW nid
Frances Latin "from France" Proinséas PRAHN shis
Geraldine French from Germanic "rules with a spear" Geraroidín GER ar jeen
Gertrude German "spear of strength" Gráinne GRAWN yeh
Gillian English from Latin feminine of Julian "downy-bearded" see Julia  
Grace English "grace" Gráinne GRAWN yeh
Hannah (see Ann) Hebrew another form of Anna    
Helen Greek "Light" Léan, Léana LAY in, LAY in a
Honora, Honor Latin "honor" Onóra, Nóra uh NO ra/NO ra
Isabel, Isabella Hebrew Spanish, French and Italian forms of Elizabeth-see also Isibéal, Sibéal ISH bale, shi BALE
Jeannette, Janet Hebrew "God is gracious" Síne, Sinéad SHEE na, shi NADE
Joan, Jean, Jane Hebrew "God is gracious" Siobhán, Siún shi VAWN, SHOO in
Josephine French via Hebrew feminine form of Joseph "God will add" Seosaimhín SHO sa veen
Judith, Judy Hebrew "woman from Judea" Iúidít, Síle, Siobhán YOO deet, SHEE la, shih VAWN
Julia, Gillian Latin fem. of Julian, "downy bearded" Iúile YOO eel yeh
Kate, Katie, Kathy Greek pet forms of Catherine (see also) Cáit, Cáitín KAWTCH, CAWTCH een
Lily English "Lily flower" Líle LEE leh
Louise, Louisa Germanic "famous warrior" Aloisia ALL wee sha
Madeleine French, from Hebrew from Magdala Madailéin MAH da lane
Margaret Greek "Pearl" (see also Megan) Mairéad, Maighread mar ADE
Martha Aramaic "lady" Marta MAR ta
Mary, Maureen, Molly Hebrew meaning is disputed. Máire, Máirín, Mallaidh MAW ra, MOY ra, MOY a, MAW eereen, MAH lee
Megan/Maggie/Peggy/Meg pet forms of Margaret (see also) Pearl (From Greek) Peig, Peigí PEG, PEG ee
Molly Hebrew meaning is disputed. Mallaidh MAH lee
Monica Latin from possibly N. African unknown Moncha MUN uh kha
Morgan Welsh "sea circle" Murchadh MUR uh kha
Nancy Latin dim. of Agnes ("pure"), also Ann "God's grace" Nainsí NAN shee
Noel/Noelle French "Christmas" Nollaig NULL ig
Patricia Latin fem. of Patrick meaning "noble; high-born" Pádraigín PAW drig een, PORE ick een
Paula, Pauline Latin "small" Póilín PO eeleen
Penelope, Penny Greek a type of duck Fionnuala, Fionnghuala finn YOU uh la, finn OO la
Rachel Hebrew "ewe" Ráichéal RAW shale
Regina, Gina Latin "queen" Ríonach, Riona REE uh nakh, REE uh na
Rose English "a rose" Róisín RO sheen
Sarah, Sara Hebrew "princess" Sorcha, Saraid SUR a kha, SAWR id
Sophia, Sophie Greek "wisdom" Sadhbh SIVE
Susan Hebrew "lily; rose" Siui, Sosaidh, Súsanna SHU ee, SUS ee, SOO suh na
Theresa Greek possibly "summer" or "harvest" Tóireasa, Treasa TOR ish a, TRA sa
Vivian, Viviane, Vivienne Latin "life" Bébhinn BAY vin

*Irish names were often "translated" into English with names that had no etymological connection, but which sounded similar or had similar meanings. The names in italics represents Irish Gaelic names that may have no connection to the English name given linguistically, but were historically connected to the English name through this process.