Names From Mythology


Name sex significance
Afanc m A beaver-shaped monster who dragged unsuspecting people to their deaths in Llyn yr Afanc in North Wales.
Agfaddu m the ugly son of the goddess Ceridwen. To compensate for his ugliness, she gave him a cauldron of knowledge and two servants to tend it.
Amatheon m A legendary figure who may have started out as an agricultural deity.
Annwn n the underworld in Welsh mythology.
Arawn m lord of the underworld
Arianrhod f goddess figure who ruled Caer Sidi, the place where poets learn wisdom and the dead go between incarnations. She is also associated with the constellation Corona Borealis.
Bendigeid Fran m another name for Bran the Blessed.
Bendith y Mamau n "Mothers Blessing" - the name for fairies in Welsh mythology.
Bleiddwn m a wolf cub whom Math changed into a boy.He was born to Gwydion and Gilfaethwy when they were changed into beasts as a punishment for creating war between Dyfed and Gwynedd.
Bloddeuwedd f a woman made out of flowers, broom, meadowsweet and oak. She was created to circumvent a curse put on Llew Llaw Gyffes by his mother, Arianrhod, saying that he would never marry a mortal woman. However, she fell in love with a hunter and planned to kill Llew. Her plan was discovered by Gwydion, and she was turned into an owl.
Bran the Blessed m a giant who kept a cauldron that could restore life.
Branwen f sister of Bran; she was given in marriage to a king of Ireland, who imprisoned her in his kitchen in order to make up for the insults her brother Efnissien had given him. She eventually trained a starling to carry a message back to Bran in Wales, who waded across the Irish Sea to rescue her.
Bwca n spirits who do housework in exchange for food. Similar to Scottish Brownies.
Caradoc m Son of Bran. One of the Seven Chiefs appointed to guard Britain during the war with Ireland. He, along with the other six chiefs, was killed by Caswallon who was able to make himself invisible.
Caswallawn m hero who fought against Julius Caesar. He also conquered Britain.
Ceridwen f Goddess of poetry and inspiration, mother of Taliesin the poet.
Cigfa f the wife of Pryderi of Dyfed.
Cradoc m father of Huw
Creiddylad f She eloped with Gwythyr ap Greidawl, but was abducted by Gwynn ap Nudd before they could consummate the marriage. King Arthur decreed that Gwythyr and Gwynn should fight every May day until Judgement Day, and whoever won then would win her hand.
Creirwy f Daughter of Ceridwen and Tegid Foel.
Culwch m King Arthur's nephew. His mother, Goleuddydd, gave birth to him after being frightened by pigs, thus his name means "pig-sty." He marries Olwen, but not before he has to perform 39 tasks in order to earn her hand in marriage.
Custennin m giant herdsman who helps Culwch on his quests.
Cwm Annwn n hounds of Annwn whose baying portends death.
Cyhyreath m spirit entity whose keening sounds like the moans of the dying. Those who hear her will die soon.
Cymdei Cymeinfoll f giantess who was twice as big as her husband, Llasar Llaes Gyfnewid. She bore a child every six weeks and every six week that child would be fully grown.
Dn f Mother goddess. The constellation Cassipeia is called Llys Don after her.
Dylan m son of Arianrhod, minor sea deity.
Efnysien m half-brother of Branwen, he feared that Ireland would gain sovereignty over Ireland through Branwen's marriage to Matholwch, the Irish king. Thus he mutilated the horses that Matholwch had given Bran (Branwen's brother), starting sour relations between the two nations. His name means "not peaceful."
Eigr f Arianrhod's servant girl who told Lleu about his mother's prophesies for him.
Elen f Welsh woman whom Maxen Wledig (Roman Emporer Magnus Maximus) sees in a dream and then travels to Wales to marry. Sister of Arianrhod
Elffin m Patron of the bard Taliesin, whom he found as a baby while trying to catch salmon.
Enid f Enid wept when she discovered that Geraint, her husband, preferred the safety of hearth and home to the dangers of ther battlefield. Geraint thought she was crying because she had a lover, so he took her on a long journey of adventures where he forbade her to speak. Eventually he discovered that she loved only him and they were reconciled.
Erfyl m father of Fodor.
Erthal m a great warrior in post-Arthurian times.
Fflur f one of the triad of flower maidens of Britain, along with Gwynhwyfar and Blodeuwedd.
Fflur f She was kidnapped by King Mwrchan and taken to Gaul. She was later rescued by Caswallawn.
Fodor m One of the Seven Chiefs appointed to guard Britain (see also Caradoc).
Gelorwydd m a brave warrior who is said to have given extreme unction to dying warriors on the battlefield with his own blood.
Geraint m husband of Enid
Gilfaethwy m Brother of Gwydion, who helped Gilfaethwy obtain his beloved, Goewen. In doing so, they created a war between Gwynedd and Dyfed. Both were changed into a series of paired animals, deer, boars and wolves, destined to sire offspring together.
Glewlwyd Gafaelfawr m a gatekeeper to whom Arthur related tales of the valour of his knights in order to gain entrance to a fortress. His name means "Brave-grey Mighty-grasp."
Goewin f Math fab Mathonwy could not survive unless he kept his feet in the lap of a virgin. Goewin was one such virgin until she was raped by Gilfaethwy. Math marries her to make up for the injustice, and punishes Gilfaethwy. Her name means "brave; daring."
Gofannon m a god of smiths.
Goleuddydd f She went mad and wandered the countryside when she became pregnant with Culwch, eventually giving birth to him after being frightened by a herd of swine.
Goreu m One of the 24 sons of Custennin, and the only one who survives being killed by Yspaddaden Pencawr, due to the fact that his mother hid him in a cupboard. He eventually grows up to be a champion knight (hence his name, which means "the best"), and avenges his father's death.
Gronw Pebr m Blodeuwedd's lover, who slew Llew. Also known as Goronwy.
Gwalchmai m Also called Gawain, one of King Arthur's earliest knights. In his earliest incarnations he was a knight of a sun goddess, whose strength grew the higher the sun was in the sky. His name means "hawk of may."
Gwawl m Former betrothed of Rhiannon-- he tricked Pwyll, Rhiannon's husband to let him have her on Pwyll's and Rhiannon's wedding feast. Pwyll got revenge by tricking Gwawl back.
Gwern m son of Branwen and Matholwch, who was thrown into fire by his uncle Efnysien.
Gwion m former name of Taliesin
Gwlch m One of the Seven Chiefs appointed to guard Britain (see also Caradoc).
Gwrach y Rhibyn f Otherworld woman who gives warning of death, often encountered at a crossroads or a ford in a stream.
Gwrgi Gwastra m son of Pryderi and Cigfa.
Gwyddno Garanhir m father of Elffin and ruler of the now submerged kingdom of Cantre'r Gwaelod, off the coast of Wales. He was the owner of one of the Thirteen Treasured of Britain, a basket that could feed as many people as could eat from it.
Gwydion m a sorcerer who appears in many Welsh legends. See also Gilfaethwy.
Gwyglet m a mighty hero of the Goddoddin epic.
Gwynn ap Nudd m Welsh ruler of the dead. He lived in a land accessible through a gateway at Glastonbury Tor.
Gwythyr ap Greidawl m intended husband of Creiddylad (see also)
Hafgan m Opponent of Arawn, whom he had to fight every year. One had to kill Hafgan in one blow, for a second blow would revive him.
Hefeydd the Old m father of Rhiannon. Dyfed's first king.
Heffaid Hen m Father of Elffin and ruler of the now submerged kingdom of Cantre'r Gwaelod, off the coast of Wales. He was the owner of one of the Thirteen Treasured of Britain, a basket that could feed as Rhiannon's father (see also). Ruler of an underworld kingdom.
Hydwn m when Gwydion and Gilfaethwy were serving their punishment by being turned into animals, they had a fawn which Math turned into a human boy.
Idris Gawr m A giant who was one of the Three Skilled Astronomers of Britain. His chair on the mountain Cadair Idris was carved from rock, and whoever spent a night in it was supposed to either die, receive poetic inspiration, or go crazy.
Llasar Llaes Gyfnewid m giant who lived beneath an Irish lake. Husband of Cymdei Cymeinfoll.
Llefelys m son of Beli, brother of Lludd.
Lleu Llaw Gyffes m Son of Arianrhod, raised by Gwydion. His mother cursed him with namelessness, never to bear arms, nor to ever have a human wife. She was tricked into naming him after he deomonstrated his dexterity with a slingshot while disguised (his name means "bright one of the deft hand"). He tricked Ariahrhod into giving him arms by raising a phantom army and, disguised as a bard, offered to help her defend her castle. Finally, he got around the never-to-be wed curse by creating Blodeuedd, a woman made out of flowers.
Lludd m King of Britain whom London was named for.
Llwch Llenllawc m Warrior who accompanied Arthur on his quest to get the Hallows of Annwn.
Llwyd ap Cill Coed m He enchanted the land of Dyfed and kidnapped Rhiannon and Pryderi to serve in Annwn.
Llyr m father of Bran, Branwen, Efnysien, Nisien, & Manawyddan. Possibly based on an earlier sea deity.
Mabon m his name means 'son,' and he is a god of youth. His mother is Modron.
Madoc ap Owain Gwynedd m A prince who allegedly discovered North America in the 12th century.
Manawyddan m A master craftsman who is the son of Llyr. He is clever enough to break the enchantments placed on Dyfed by Llwyd. He is the husband of Rhiannon.
Math m A wise king who could not survive unless his feet were in the lap of a virgin.
Matholwch m Abusive King of Ireland whom Branwen was married to. He was defeated by Bran.
Maxen Wledig m Welsh name of the Roman emporer Magnus Maximus. He has a dream of a beautiful woman whom his legions report is living in Wales (Elen). He moves to Wales to marry her.
Modron f mother goddess. Her name means 'mother.' Her son is Mabon.
Morfran m "great crow." Son of Ceridwen and Tegid Foel. He was so ugly at birth that, to compensate for his hideousness, his mother created the cauldron of knowledge for him. Unfortunately, it was Gwion that ended up drinking from it.
Nisien m brother of Efnysian, his name means 'peace."
Olwen f Daughter of the giant Yspaddaden, loved by Cwlwch. A suitor had to perform a number of tasks in order to win her hand.
Owen Glyndwr m rebelled against Henry IV, was attributed with magical powers.
Pryderi m Son of Rhiannon & Pwyll. Was abducted as an infant by a monstrous claw. Teirnyon Turf Liant found him and raised him as his own.
Pwca m sprite who leads travellers astray.
Pwyll m Lord of Dyfed, husband of Rhiannon.
Rhiannon f Daughter of Heiffaidd Hen, Lord of the Underworld. Mother of Pryderi-- he was snatched from the cradle by otherworldly forces. His nurse spread blood on Rhiannon's face and made her think she had ate her own baby. She made a penance that any traveller who came along she would take on her back and tell him her story. She stopped once she was reunited with Pryderi.
Tegid Foel m Ceridwen's husband.
Teyrnon Turf Liant m foster father of Pryderi.
Twrch Trwyth m Was once a king of Britain until he was turned into a boar. He terrorized Britain and Ireland until he was driven into the sea by King Arthur.
Tylwyth Teg n "beautiful family"-- another name for fairies.
Yspaddaden Pencawr m A giant, father of Olwen. He set a number of impossible tasks in order to gain her hand, as once she married, he could be killed.