Irish Place Names Used as First Names




Not as much in Ireland, but in other English-speaking countries with large Irish immigrant populations, we find place names from Ireland used as first names. You probably know many Kerrys, Shannons and maybe an Erin or two. Be the first one on your block to have a Magherally or a Kilfenora! This might seem sort of strange, but there are people named Kenya, India, Dakota, Savannah etc. out there, why not? Here are some more places that can be used as first names (We even know people with some of these names, like Kilkenny and Aran).
Name Irish Spelling Meaning
Abbeylara Mainistir Leathrátha Abbey of the half rath (ring-fort) or little rath
Adare Ath Dara oak tree grove. Village in Co. Limerick
Alleen little cliff
Altan Altan hillock; gorge
Aran Arainn Islands of western coast
Ardeen Ardín little height
Bantry Beanntraí descendants of Beann
Bellaghy Baile Eachaidh mouth of the slough/Eachadh's townland
Beltany Bealtaine May; place where May festivities were held
Brandon Breandan mountain; St. Brendan's mountain
Brosna Brosnach fire wood
Burren an Bhoirinn stony district; region in NW Clare
Cabra/Cabragh An Chabrach poor land
Callan Callainn from Neil Caille, king of Ireland
Camlin An Chamlinn crooked pool
Carragh an cora weir
Carran an carn the cairn
Carrick an Carraig rock
Carrigan an Charraigín little rock
Cashel Caiseal castle
Cashlin Caislín little castle
Cavan an Cabhán the hollow
Clady Claidigh ground hardened from trampling/muddy place
Clare an Clar flat place
Cliffony Cliathmhuine grove of the hurdles, hurdled thicket
Connemara Conmacne Mara the conmacne people of the sea
Corr corr round hill
Corroy corr ruadh russet round hill
Donegal Dun na nGall fort of the stranger
Dublin Dubh linn/Baile Atha Cliath black pool/town of the ford of the hurdles
Ennis Inis island
Galway Gallimh Gailleamh's place
Kerry an Ciarraí descendants of Ciar ('dark')
Kikelly cill ceallach Ceallach's church
Kilkenny Chill Chiannigh Church of St. Canice
Killeen coillín little woods
Kilrea cill ruadh russet church
Laragh An Láithreach the site or ruins of a building
Liffey Life river running through Dublin, possibly named for a Celtic goddess
Lisburn ring-fort of the gamblers
Lislea Lios liadh grey ring-fort
Lucan Leamhcán place of the elms
Magheralin Machaire Lainne plain of the pool
Magherally Baile na Machaire Abhlaí  townland of the apple tree plain
Newry An Iúraigh yew tree at the head of the strand
Quin Cuinche five ways
Roslea ros liadh grey woods
Rossin roisín little woods
Shannagh Seannach old
Shannon an tSionainn named for a Celtic goddess
Sheelin Loch Síodh Linn lake of the fairies
Slaney Abhainn na Sláine health
Tara Teamhair assembly place
Tory tór tower-like rock. Island off NW coast
Tulla An Tulach hill
Turlough turloch lake that dries up in the summer
Tyrone Tír Eoghan Eoghan's land