Terms of Endearment





Here are names used with affection for sweethearts and children. The meanings are not taken literally, just as when you call someone 'honey' you don't mean that they are sticky and yellow. I have written the literal meanings for you to enjoy anyway. I found most of the anglicized forms in song lyrics and Liam O'Flaherty books.

Name Approx. Pronounciation Meaning Irish Form
Acushla ah COOSH la pulse a cuisle
Alannah ah LON a oh child a leanbh
Aroon ah ROON oh love a rún
Asthore ah STORE oh love a stór
Astoreen ah STORE een oh little love a stóirín
Creena CREE na (my) heart Críona
Cushla Macree COOSH la muh CREE pulse of my heart Cuisle mo chroí
Macree muh CREE my heart Mo chroí
Macushla muh COOSH la my pulse mo chuisle
Mavourneen MAH vor neen my darling; sweetheart ma mhuirnín
Milish MILL ish sweet milis