Irish Boat Names




A lot of people have asked me for ideas for Irish boat names. So, while I was in Ireland this past time, I wrote down all the boat names I saw. Unfortunately, I didn't see that many, and the ones I saw were mainly fishing trawlers. I was hoping to do a big page on boat names, but I don't think I have enough! So here is a small page on boat names. Here are the names I collected:

An Bradán Feasa ("Salmon of Knowledge"--refers to Irish folklore)

Dún Aengus ("Fort of Aengus"--this is a fort on Inis Mor, one of the Aran Islands)

Iolar na Mara ("Eagle of the sea")

David's Star

Ocean Wanderer

Béal Inse -(Mouth/entrance to the island)

Caroline Marie

Agnes Olibhéar -(Olibhéar is the Irish form of Oliver)

Eamon Maria

Béal Bocht -("poor mouth"--a reference to the book of the same name by Flann O'Brien)

Castor et Pollux

Joan of Arc



An Faoiléan ("The seagull")