Anglicizations of Irish Names




Here are some common anglicizations of Irish names. An anglicization is a name normally spelled in Irish Gaelic that has been re-spelled into English to make the pronunciation easier for English speakers. Some of them are more common than their Irish counterparts (like Finbar for Fionnbharr). Some have fallen into obscurity (like Derry for Daire).

If you haven't done so already, non-Irish speakers please see the the pronunciation guide.

Name Original Irish Form Meaning
Aidan (m) Aodhan, Aodan little fire
Aileen (f) Eibhlín from old German, Aveline, meaning, perhaps, "Hazelnut." It is often used as an anglicization for Helen/Ellen as well.
Ailish (f) Ailís from old German Adelheidis, 'noble' (where we get the English names Alice and Adelaide)
Ardal (m) Ardghal high valor
Barry (m) Bairre, Barra pointed, sharp
Bevan (f) Bébhinn white (or fair) lady
Breda (f) Bríde, Bríghde exalted one
Brendan (m) Breandán from Welsh meaning "prince"
Brian, Bryan (m) Brían, Bríon may possibly mean "high; noble."
Bridget, Brigid (f) Bríd, Bríde exalted one; high goddess; noble
Brona, Bronagh (f) Brónach sorrow
Conleth (m) Connlaodh chief lord
Connell (m) Conall strong as a wolf
Conor (m) Conchobhar lover of hounds
Cormac (m) Cormac possibly, "defile"
Darina (f) Dáiríne fruitful
Dary (m) Dáire fruitful
Declan (m) Deaglán meaning is obscure, perhaps "full of goodness"
Dermot (m) Diarmuid, Diarmaid meaning is obscure, perhaps "without injunction or envy," "freeman" or "charioteer"
Derval, Dervila (f) Dearbháil May mean either "daughter of Ireland" or "daughter of a poet"
Devnet (f) Damhnait fawn
Donagh (m) Donnchadh brown lord
Donal (m) Domhnall, Dónal world mighty
Dougal (m) Dubhgall dark foreigner
Eamon (m) Éamon(n), Éamann from Edmund, "wealthy guardian"
Eavan (f) Aoibhinn, Aoibheann beautiful radiance
Eileen Eibhlín from Evelyn, "hazlenut"
Eilish (f) Eilís from Elizabeth, "I pledge to God"
Enda (m) Éanna birdlike
Enya (f) Eithne either 'kernal' or 'gorse'
Eveny (m) Aibhne meaning is unknown
Ever (m) Éibhear Irishman
Evin, Aeveen (m, sometimes f) Éimhín prompt, ready
Fenella, Finola (f) Fionnghuala fair shoulders
Fergal (m) Fearghal manly, valorous
Fergus (m) Fearghus the strength of a man
Fidelma (f) Feidhelm ever good
Fina (f) Fíona vine
Finbar (m) Fionnbharr fair haired
Finian (m) Finnén fair, pale
Finn (m) Fionn fair, pale
Finola (f) Fionnghuala white shoulders
Fintan (m) Fiontán white ancient, or white fire
Grania (f) Gráinne grain, or 'inspires terror'
Gobnet (f) Gobnait smith
Gormley (f) Gormfhlaith blue or illustrious princess
Iarla (m) Iarfhlaith western kingdom?
Ita (f) Íde,Íte act of eating
Ivar (m) Íobhar yew tree
Jarlath (m) Iarfhlaith western kingdom?
Kathleen (f) Caitlín from Greek Catherine, traditionally associated with word 'pure'
Kean (m) Cian ancient or enduring
Keavy, Keava (f) Caoimhe Beauty; grace
Keelin (f) Caoilfhionn fair and slender
Kenneth (m) Cináed white?
Kevin (m) Caoimhín beautiful child
Kieran (m) Ciarán black
Kilian (m) Cillian possibly, "church"
Keira (f) Ciar, Ciara black
Lochlan, Laughlin (m) Lochlainn viking
Lonan (m) Lonán blackbird
Lorcan (m) Lorccán cruel or fierce
Maeve (f) Meadhbh intoxocating one
Malachy (m) Maeleachlainn devotee of St. Sechnall
Maura (f) Máire from Hebrew Miriam (Mary). Meaning is obscure, possibly, "rebellious," "bitter," or related to the indo-European word for "mother."
Maureen (f) Mairín "
Moira (f) Máire "
Molly (f) Mallaidh "
Mona (f) Muadhnait noble, good
Myrna (f) Muirne of the sea
Neil (m) Niall cloud, or vehement
Nessa (f) Neasa not gentle
Nevan (m) Naomhan saint
Nora (f) Onóra from Latin, 'honor'
Noreen (f) Nóirín little Nora
Nuala (f) Fionnghuala, Fionnuala fair shoulders
Oona, Oonagh (f) Úna lamb?
Oran (m) Odhrán dun colored
Orla (f) Órfhlaith, Órlaith golden princess
Oscar (m) Osgar deer lover
Ossian (m) Oisín deer, stag
Owen (m) Eoin, Eoghan from Hebrew, 'God is good'
Patrick (m) Pádraig from Latin, 'noble man'
Pierce/Pearse (m) Piaras from Hebrew, 'rock'
Ronan (m) Rónán little seal
Rory (m) Ruadhrí red king
Rosaleen (f) Róisín little rose, or little horse
Rowan, Rohan (m) Ruadhán red haired
Shaun, Shane (m, sometimes f) Seán from Hebrew Yochanan (John): 'God is gracious'
Sheila (f) Síle from Latin Cecilia, 'blind'
Sorley (m) Somhairle from Norse, 'summer wanderer'
Tallulah (f) Tuilelaith lady of abundance
Teague (m) Tadhg poet
Tiernan (m) Tiarnán lord
Tierney (m) Tiarnach lord
Tressa (f) Treasa strength