...Back in 1999, the upcoming millennium was a huge deal. It's hard to believe that kids born at the turn of the millennium are almost out of grade school now! Anyway, here are some names we came up with back then for you to use (supposing the Y2K bug didn't crash everyone's computers that is!)

Millennium Commemmorating Names

Do you want everyone to know that your child was born in 2000? Do you want to commemmorate the new millennium in a name?

I probably am not the first party pooper you met to inform you that the new millennium doesn't technically start until 2001, but that's OK. here are some ideas for you...

Millennia, Millennio, Millennium

This is an obvious choice...you could always use the nicknames Lenny and Milly!

Millie, Milla, Mila, Milena, Lenny, Milo, Liam, Nia

If you don't want to actually use the word Millennium, here are a few shorter variations.

Names you can form from the word "millennium"

Neil, Nell, Ellin, Mimi, Eleni, Millie, Emmi, Emili, Emil, Mel, Melini, Elli...Here's a way of commemmorating the millennium in a more subtle way. These names are commemmorative, without screaming "I was born in 2000!"

variations on MM

2000 in roman numerals is MM. Commemmorate this with either a name with the initials MM (Max Michael, Marissa Megan etc.) or perhaps with a name that contains 2 Ms (Sammy, Miriam, Cammryn etc.)

2K variations

2000 is also known as 2k or Y2k...how about a name with 2 Ks? Nikki, Kerrick, or Katinka, anyone? Or you could use the initials KK (note: this is a very bad idea if your last name also begins with K!). Kamryn Kelly, Kathryn Karina, Kody Kaleb--K names are really trendy right now, you'll have a zillion to choose from if you're so inclined! you could also go for the Y2k thing: Yanna Nikkole, Yaron Kasey Kodiak etc.


The Pope declared 2000 to be a Jubilee year. However, even if you're not Catholic, this would be a nice name to honor the celebration at the beginning of a new millennium.

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